First, make sure Canvas is open to you. You can access Canvas by opening a browser window and entering https://unt.instructure.com/ in the address bar. Your EUID is your Enterprise User ID. This is your user name. Contact the Unknown IT Helpdesk for assistance if you have any problems with your EUID.

You may experience difficulties logging in to Canvas. This could be due to certain technical requirements. Canvas may require you to install additional software, or to make adjustments to your settings. Visit the CLEAR Canvas Technical Information Page to find out the technical requirements. 

A tip: You can save this link to share it with your students, who may face similar difficulties!

You can contact the CSSI CLEAR Faculty Support Desk at 953-669-7394, or via email to [email protected].

Section(s), Content and Content Verification

Check that Canvas has all sections that you intend to teach. You can mix sections together or divide them into separate sections. Pre-semester requests must be made for course combinations. To request section combination, send [email protected] an email or call 940-369-734

[email protected].

If you have questions or are not able to find your sections, please contact DI CLEAR Faculty Helpdesk HTML3697394 HTML394 by email at [email protected].

Canvas lets you create courses 90 days in advance of the start of term. However, it must meet the requirements for at least 2 students.

Get Student Access

Students will be uploaded one week in advance of the beginning of the semester. However they won’t get access to the content until the semester ends and you have published your course. You can set the Access Dates for your Courses to allow students access to the content in the Settings menu.

If students aren’t uploaded prior to the first class day, please contact DSI Clear Faculty Support Helpdesk or email [email protected] .

Step 1: Complete the Semester Tasks

See the CLEAR Support Page, Canvas Start-of-the-Semester Tasks, for an overview of recommended steps instructors can take during the beginning of the semester to make Canvas use easier and more efficient.

Review Canvas Help Resources

Finally, it is important to become familiar with the technical assistance available and the resources that you can use for Canvas.

  • You can save the CLEAR Canvas help page so you have quick access.
  • You might also like to save this link for Canvas Instructor Guide.
  • It is also possible to quickly and easily search the Canvas Guides for specific issues or questions.
  • Meet with a CLEAR Instructional consultant to arrange a meeting. The Instructional Coordinator (IC) has the primary responsibility of assisting UNT faculty in developing quality courses.
  • Make sure to check out the CLEAR Teaching Commons web site. It is constantly updated with podcasts and articles related to teaching and course designing.

Remember that you can always contact the DSICLEAR Faculty Support Desk.

Technical support for Canvas users is provided by UNT IT Helpdesk. Students can contact UNT IT Helpdesk by calling 940-565-2233. Or by email to [email protected]. Hours of operation are posted on the UNT IT Helpdesk website at https://techsupport.unt.edu/faculty-staff