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Top 10 Things That Attract Employer in Your Resume

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When looking for a job a massive share of effort must be dedicated to creating a resume that will not leave your potential employer indifferent. The trick is to know how to make a resume that will stand out among the other applicants for the position. Like it or not, but there will be a lot of those who can brag with an impressive experience and quite a list of achievements. So, then what to do to catch the attention and eventually get the job you are seeking.

Demonstrate commitment

Your resume should exactly align with what the employer expects to see in his/her future employees. It means that if there is a certain position you apply for, make sure to have your resume written per the position description. You must exactly apply for THIS position. This means that in the area “ I am looking for…”  the exact name of the position ought to be, not the close one. When your resume reaches the eyes of the HR team they can clearly see your serious intentions and appreciate your effort.

Show aesthetic appreciation

Of course, the content matters. However, the way it is delivered to the hiring team is also crucial. Graphical representation of your professional and educational background is not less valuable. You may not be a graphic design expert and it is totally  OK. If you must notice, design apps can offer not only high-quality stock images for various design purposes but also a bounty of free templates for your resume not only to look professional but also highly aesthetically set up.

Be precise

As it’s been mentioned before, when you apply for the exact position, you arrange your data in accordance with the job description. Therefore, you have to deliver the information that satisfies exactly the given position. For example, looking for a position of a part-time editor, do not mention that at your previous job you could teach ABC to 6-year-olds, using the author-developed methodology. Yes, you are a philologist, and yes, you are changing careers. Your previous experience is needed, but choose the one that satisfies the editing position.

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Seek uniqueness

Well, as challenging as it may be, it is still possible. There is a competition which you have to leave behind. To do so there must be thorough research done. Investigated through the competitors’ resumes, see what they have to say applying for the same position. If you notice that you are in a pattern try to break it and present similar things using a different approach. Even the words-choice might help you present your information from the unique perspective of your unique case.

Be honest

Always tell the truth.No matter how well you embellish the reality, there still is going to be an interview and an experienced hiring team will define fraud in front of them. You will not only leave without a job offer, but you will also get the reputation of a liar. Such a mark will influence your further seeking in quite a poor way.

Prove that you are real

These days, like never we are concerned with data protection. This is reasonable. However, when you create a resume for the exact company, you research, you read reviews, learn what it is about. Every high-profile company follows GDPR policies, so that they can assure your information to be secured. Therefore, please provide real contact information, links to your professional platforms, and references. This is just for the company to deal with it. A transparent candidate is a valuable one.

Include the most prominent information

When thinking of the information to add to your resume, include only the greatest achievements of yours, things that you are proud of the most. It relates both to your experience and your skills. You are not hiding anything. You simply focus on your strong points.

Avoid grammar and stylistic mistakes

Proofread and then proofread once again. Mind every punctuation moment, spelling, correct date writing, etc. Refine your content and show to the employer that it is a literate person that is trying to get a job, but not a language-lessons skippers.

Research photo-relevance

Some companies do not expect to see a photo on a resume, as long as you are not applying for a job in the entertainment or media industry. However, at the same time, some of them need to see how the potential employee looks since even the picture might give some insights about the personality they will have to deal with. Research this matter, discreetly.

Avoid overdoing

You know the phrase “ Too good to be true”.Well, that’s exactly what might happen if you are going to be singing praises of yourself too enthusiastically. That might make them doubt, and probably not really reject, but postpone for considering. Sell yourself high, but in a moderation. Reread and think, whether you would hire such one, had you a company.


You already know about the importance of a resume on the way of getting the job you intend to. Doing it right makes you eligible for consideration and, hopefully, for future interviews. The first impression you make on a potential employer depends on how well you organize your resume. Do not make your professional potential go unwanted because of the poor resume-creating attitude.

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