How to Start Live Streaming

Videos of various formats are getting more and more popular today. Different industries, businesses create their videos and put them on social media or design OTT platforms. There are those going live streaming.

Video streaming can be of great advantage for content makers, businesses, government agencies, and so on. In this article, we will talk about how your business can benefit from incorporating live streaming. If you’re ready to find out how to start live streaming, let’s get started!

Why Is It Important for Businesses to Start Live Streaming?

Live streaming is an online streaming media recorded and broadcasted in real-time. It is a possibility for your target audience to experience a show or event as it goes on, leaving them engaged as they watch the event uncover around them without knowledge as to what will occur next.

Broadcasting live events is close to attending a live concert. Many of us would prefer to visit a concert live and feel its atmosphere out there. However, it can occur that a person cannot visit it but can watch it live streaming. The experience will be different, but live streaming gives opportunities to make it outstanding. For instance, it allows you to stitch together various views and angles seamlessly to offer your audience a more engaging viewing experience.

Did you know that 85% of consumers like seeing more videos from brands? On top of that, 82% of consumers like seeing live videos on their social media posts.

With the pandemic restricting live events, the reliance on live streaming has increased in the past year. Seminars, concerts went online, and even video streaming for government is gaining popularity. Here is the importance of using live streaming in your business:

Connection with the audience on a deeper level

Going online, staying in touch with your audience, answering their questions while streaming makes you a lot relatable to them. It allows the business and the brand to connect with their customers on a closer level, and more people would appreciate and love that.

Being life enables you to engage with your audience in real-time. Answering comments and emails is one thing. Answering queries while streaming is a new level of engagement. Furthermore, it enables your audience to receive the answers they want fast and straight.

It’s cost-effective

Live streaming unbinds you from the constraints of live events. Resources, space, and cost—all of those are no longer problems for you when you plan your events. Moreover, live streams could be scaled to suit your requirements without any fuss.

More engaging events

Live streaming benefits from being limitless than live in-person events. You see multi-camera broadcasts for outclass traditional live event viewing. It enables you to show the perfect angles of any event happening.

It also enables you to change among various camera angles. One moment you could be broadcasting a wide-ranging overview, and the next, you can move over to a camera focused on the person communicating with people.

Customers getting behind the scenes

How often do you get to see the place where the magic takes place? Most customers are curious to know what goes behind the products and marketing a brand puts out. What’s the story behind your product? How were does make? Who are the people behind the company?

That’s what live streaming can do. Before showing off a new product to the public, why don’t you set up a live stream to present the stereotypes leading up to the final product?

4 Essential Steps for Businesses to Start Live Streaming

Are you now wondering how you can start doing live streaming for your business? Consider the things below to get started.

1. Pick the suitable tool

There are many options for live streaming tools and white label video streaming platform. However, you’d like to stick with those that are suitable for your business goals.One good platform for that matter is InEvent, a solution that can give you a TV-like streaming experience with all devices.

2. Announce your live stream ahead of time

If no one knows about your business’s live stream, you won’t have any viewers. That’s why you should not leave it up to chance. Ensure you announce and promote it ahead of time to your current followers through social media or email.

3. Set up a plan for engagement

Live video always works as viewers like the chance to engage with the people behind the company. They are willing for an opportunity to connect with you, and they’ll ask you many questions. You must do your best to answer what you can.

It will also help if you prepare answers to some of the questions your followers might ask ahead. Prepare a careful response to them, but also be ready to answer unexpected questions on the fly.

4. Add a call-to-action

What is the purpose of your live stream? What do you like your viewers who watch your stream to do? You must have something specific in mind, whether it be to reach out to you for a personal consultation, donate to your cause, or make a purchase.

That’s your call to action, and you must reference it throughout your live stream.  After all, you must remind your viewers what you like them to do.

Final Thoughts

Live video streaming for government and businesses has the capability to enable you to engage your audience on a deeper level and connect with them. From big product announcements to marketing webinars, live streaming is an excellent way for brands to get a little bit closer to their audience.

We hope this article inspires you to go live today and connect with your followers in new and exhilarating ways. We wish you the best of luck in your journey!