modelling career

The modelling and acting industry is the most glamorous industry in the country. Thousands of people aspire to work in this industry and build their reputation, but the industry is highly competitive. Success in this industry comes with both hard and intelligent work.

A candidate needs to prepare before starting his/her modelling career. Looking healthy and attractive is not the only factor in the industry; you need to understand the various aspects of the industry. A large number of training institutes have also started in the country for the same.

Below mentioned are the top 5 working tips you should follow to kickstart your modelling career.

Maintain your body and groom yourself properly

The entire modelling industry is “show business”. The primary factor in the modelling industry is based on your looks and behaviour. Fitness is also important but is not necessary today in the modelling industry. People of all shapes and sizes are welcomed in the industry if they fulfil other criteria.

A candidate needs to focus on his/her health and maintain a glamorous look. They can learn from their superiors in the modelling industry and try to mould their personalities accordingly. These steps will help them to preserve their aura that can help them in their modelling career.

Here are some grooming tips for aspiring models:

  • Exercise daily and maintain the shape of your body.
  • Try to keep your skin clear and glowing.
  • Maintain a healthy diet with foods full of energy.
  • Adapt the style of a model in the very beginning.

Determine the type of model you want to be!

There are a plethora of options available for a candidate in the modelling industry. He/she needs to decide the best suitable type according to his/her caricature. You can then mould yourself accordingly, and the preparation will always be in the right direction. By analysing your strengths and weaknesses, you can determine the type of modelling you want to enter.

By focusing on a single model type, you can execute tasks with ease and quickness. You can filter on agencies while looking for a contract. Even agencies will prefer models with a particular type. This step will particularly help you in bagging your first modelling contract.

Here are the types of modelling that are prevalent in the industry:

  • Fashion model
  • Runaway model
  • Commercial model
  • Swimsuit and lingerie model
  • Fitness model
  • Plus-size model
  • Glamour model
  • Promotional model

Focus on creating an attractive portfolio

Well, just as a resume is vital for getting a job, similarly, a portfolio is necessary for getting your maiden modelling contract. A portfolio will be costlier as compared to a resume and requires a lot of work as well. Proper investment in your portfolio can result in a fruitful modelling career.

You need to hire a professional photographer for building a creative portfolio. Your local mobile photography will not work. Many modelling and acting agencies provide services of portfolio building.

You need to make sure that your portfolio is built according to your forte. You need to hire professional hairstyle and make-up artists for your portfolio. The investment can be huge, but it will all be worth it after you start getting contracts.

Start participating in modelling contests

Many modelling competitions are held in India every year. As an aspiring model, you should never miss these golden opportunities. Using these competitions, you can showcase your modelling skills to a large audience.

Along with a lot of exposure, these competitions will also increase your knowledge and skills. You can improve on your mistakes and develop yourself as a top-class model with a strong portfolio.

Here are some of the top modelling competitions you can aim for:

  • Elite Model Look
  • Mr. India by Times of India
  • India’s Next Top Model
  • Miss Diva
  • Mr. India by Peter England
  • Femina Miss India

Make yourself active in the industry

Don’t wait for that big break in your modelling career. Keep on working in the industry. Indulge in freelancing work and make your presence in the industry. Visit different agencies with your portfolio and make yourself visible to these agencies. By doing more work, you will strengthen your portfolio and eventually bag your dream contract.

Pay attention to agencies that are hiring models. Visit these agencies or directly submit your portfolio through the mail. If you are facing too many rejections, analyse your portfolio and make improvements if necessary.