Colombia is one of the most amazing countries to visit in the world. While mostly thought of as an unsafe destination, this notion may not necessarily be true. Every country has its own negative rap, but that shouldn’t stop you from making that trip to your dream destination. But, why Colombia?  It’s a nation filled with so much culture, sights to see, colorful cities, good food, and a lot more of unmissable tourist attractions.

If you’re employed in a modern office (a.k.a. remote or virtual work), then you’ve just found yourself in an even more pleasant position. Unlike those who report to physical offices, you can actually bring your office with you—quite literally—for a workcation in Colombia.

If you’re interested in such an exciting journey, you’ve come to the right place today. Here, you’ll come across all the insights you’ll need so you can successfully plan out this trip.

Bring The Right Tools

Because you won’t have access to your usual and regular office gear, it’s important that you bring with you all the necessary tools for your workcation. Don’t merely rely on the hotel or apartment Wi-Fi, no matter how strong and fast they claim the connection to be. Purchase your own local Wi-Fi connection, one you can usually pick up at the airport, along with your very own Colombia VPN, for instance.

When you’re on a workcation, you won’t really be working the whole day, as you would when you’re not on a holiday. But, you should at least be able to get all the work you need to get done during those hours you dedicate for work before enjoying sightseeing around Colombia.

You should bring with you your own laptop, for example. If you use an iPad or any other type of device, then you can bring the same, too. Likewise, proxies are an option, too, for the time being.

Define What Your Goals Are

Defining what your goals are during your workcation should be something you have to break down into daily objectives. Be as realistic as possible. Remember, unlike in your usual work setting, you’re not going to be working the whole day. Having goals can give you a sense of order, allowing you to prioritize what needs to be done, before going on the vacation part of your trip.

Likewise, once your goals are defined, that’s when you can also set specific working hours. Make sure you inform your boss about this. That way, difference in time zone, if any, can be properly addressed. Ideally, your working hours should be early in the morning so you can get your tasks out of the way before all the fun part!

Establish A Workspace

Regardless of the type of accommodation you have for your holiday, one thing remains the same—the need to establish a workspace. This is crucial, so as to foster productivity and efficiency during those hours dedicated for work.

Along this line, make sure to have leeway for changes, especially if you’re fully in control of your time, which means you’re not travelling with a big group or with children. If you have a companion with you, they either understand that you have to work during certain hours, or that they’re on a workcation themselves as well.

For example, in your hotel room, make use of the available desk or office it may come with. If you want to have a change of scenery, you can also bring your laptop with you one day to work by the beach, if such is possible.

The whole point of establishing a workspace is that you know with full certainty that you have this little corner where you can get some work done. It’s where you have the least distractions, so you can focus more on the tasks you have to accomplish.

Don’t Miss Out On Communicating With Co-Workers

If you’re on leave and you’ve informed your team about such a fact, then you can skip talking with or communicating with them while you’re away. But, if you haven’t filed that leave as you still plan to work (given how this is a workcation), then you have to stay in touch with your co-workers.

You don’t have to stay online 24/7. At least, keep good communication during those hours you’ve set for working. Then, when it’s time for you to end the working day, inform them of such as well. By doing so, you can both keep a realistic level of each of your expectations.


With the now-available remote working arrangement being practiced in so many companies, there’s no surprise how workcations are being done more frequently. Colombia, in particular, is one of the best countries to consider for this. Gone are the days when it was a country tainted with bad rap, all thanks to civil war and unrest, and its never-ending war on drugs. Now, the country is open to tourism, establishing itself as a major tourist destination. If you’re thinking about going on a holiday soon, make the most of your time by balancing out work and play with the strategies above.