ideal learning management system

Administering eLearning is easier and faster than it used to be as now we have incredible functionalities and a massive range of features at our disposal thanks to the correct kind of learning management systems (LMS) like Blackbaud software. Using these capabilities to their fullest potential will allow you to quit extensive detailed management and begin teaching quicker and in more efficient ways. It is important to make sure that your employees are not just getting the best and the most relevant training but that the training process is also seamless and time efficient so that you are not investing all your time in it. The best way to do this is to automate your training process through various features and techniques. 

So, here are some features that any ideal learning management system provides so that you can make your training process faster and smoother and save a huge segment of your time. 

Link registration

Have you newly implemented an LMS or used one from a long time? We’re confident you’re trying to find the easiest ways to register user accounts no matter whatever the case is. A lot of organizations choose manual uploading involving adding individuals once manually or bulk uploading through a CSV. This is good; it works; however, why not take it a step further by automating? Why not link them if you have information about the people required to be added to your Learning management system? API features enable you to quickly link your preferred software with the LMS, whether it’s your HR or CRM software. Once a person is registered to your dataset, they are also added to the  LMS instantaneously so that you don’t have to worry about adding users. 

Prompted notifications

Now, the question is, how to notify the users that it’s time to start the training as they’ve been added already? You may send mails to the users telling them to start learning using the LMS. Send follow up messages to your learners as they go on with the course.

Also consider customization of these mails to fit your company’s content and theme while adding a personified touch by including the official name of the person. The mails get automatically sent once you’ve set it and provide you a lot of assurance that learning is important, accessible and everyone is ready to initiate learning.

Group enrollment 

Individual learners can be enrolled in different courses using your LMS. Nevertheless, a brilliant feature called Groups gives the scope to completely cut down the time it takes to enroll each student. To begin, you need to make a group, maybe your own technical department or your new customers for customer training. Then,with  just a few clicks, you can enroll all of the individuals in the group to a course or a set of different courses. 

Rules assignment automation  

Groups and teams have many advantages, but the auto assignment settings will help you be even more efficient. You might make use of this functionality to create rules that place people under certain groups depending on established requirements. As you run the program, you can create a lot of guidelines. criteria and rules as you like, and the learners will be automatically assigned to the right groups when they start their system. It’s an automated system for sorting, registering, and growing your users once it’s set up.

Post course analysis and building a learning momentum 

After a user has completed a course, you would like to retain their interest and their education. Learning Paths are a type of automation that guarantees they’ll return. They’re great for giving structure to training courses since they let you allocate multiple questions to your participants to use them some time. The courses are interconnected, so as a student completes a lesson, more classes on the ‘path’ become accessible, and your learners are alerted. You’ll be able to make sure that your trainees are finishing all the needed training because it may be pushed out far before they are registered.


Automating your e – learning LMS is definitely worth it as it is very simple to install thus saving your time. Try out these automation tools now, for registration, making groups, and discovering how they may help you offer an efficient training program.