Improve by the Time COVID Is Gone

COVID has been here for long enough and has kept me from doing what I’ve wanted. Things have constantly been changing, including my interests—I’m looking forward to getting my stable life back! Here are a few things I want to improve by the time the pandemic is over. 

Learning a Language to Travel and Talk to Foreign Friends

In high school, I loved taking language classes—especially Spanish—but it has been ages since I’ve spoken anything other than English. That’s why I now want to explore the beauty of the French language. It will make traveling easier and help me meet new friends! I might as well use all of this free time to do something constructive that will benefit me in the future.

Learning a language is a difficult task, but my aim is to master French at least one other language by the end of the pandemic. I can’t wait to immerse myself in new cultures!

Improving My Vocabulary to Write Better Stories

One of my hobbies is writing short stories, and sometimes, I publish them online under a pen name. However, my real dream is to write real books and see them in stores! Becoming a writer is not easy, but thankfully, with the resources available these days, it is much more accessible and doable than it was when I was growing up.

My vocabulary could use some work, so I aim to learn new words to bring my stories to life. Developing characters can be hard, so I’m exercising my creativity by brainstorming and writing every idea down for future reference. I’m confident that, with enough consistent practice, I’ll be able to write a beautiful book one day. Who knows—I might even become a bestselling author!

Start Taking Painting or Sculpting Lessons

In addition to writing, I adore other kinds of art. Painting and sculpting are particularly exciting, even though I can’t do them myself. It’s always amazing to see what is possible with these two mediums!

I’d love to take lessons to improve my artistic abilities. I’m especially interested in drawing and painting realistic flowers and nature scenes. I also want to create hand-painted cups, plates, and vases for my parents!

Taking Care of My Appearance with a Facelift

COVID has taken a major emotional toll on me since it began. What’s worse, I look a lot older and more ragged than I ever have! So, I’ve decided that, instead of feeling down whenever I look in the mirror, I’ll get a deep plane facelift to look and feel younger and refreshed.

I’m sure that I’ll glow after this procedure, and since I’ve been indoors most of the time, I won’t have to worry about other people seeing me recover! The reveal will be so incredible when it’s finally time to visit my loved ones.

Cleaning My House and Organizing Everything

Being cramped in the same house has been exhausting, so I’ve decided to rearrange some things and replace a few pieces of furniture. Gutting everything will be a real emotional challenge, but a tidier space will definitely feel more comfortable and welcoming. I may even search for a new home once the pandemic is over!

There is a lot of work to be done around the house, and I want to make the atmosphere all the more enjoyable by doing some dusting and deep cleaning. I can’t wait to see what everything looks like once it’s neat and sparkling-clean!

Starting and Maintaining a Sustainable Garden

I’ve tried and failed to plant a garden a number of times, but I won’t give up! This time, I’m going to watch a few tutorials and follow them to a tee so I can finally have my own beautiful outdoor space. My ultimate goal is togrow a sustainable garden and harvest food from it. This will cut costs at the grocery store and give me much healthier, more delicious options. And how could I forget to mention that tending my own garden will get me outdoors a lot more