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When it comes to Instagram, it’s all about engagement, as this is the determining factor in how well you connect with your audience. This metric should not be disregarded, whether you’re a content creator or a brand. 

Instagram engagement is the goal of the day for everyone, from social media marketers to influencers, and rightfully so, because Instagram is actively used by about 13% of the world’s population, and this number is expanding at a rate of 4.21% per year.

Boosting interaction levels, which in turn helps to expand your brand, is a proven technique to grow and sustain followers on Instagram.

So, if you’re seeking techniques on how to increase engagement on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take an in-depth look at standing out as a business and gaining real traction on Instagram.

Get More Saves On Your Posts

A good strategy for engagement on your profile is to try to earn more saves. If you want to achieve this, add a CTA button and encourage your users to save your post for later use. You must try to provide value and allow them to learn something useful. For this reason, you should make something that can benefit people in their daily life. For instance, If you’re a fashion blogger, you could share some scarf-wearing tips and methods.

Simultaneously, strive to develop something that your target audience would like to see. As a result, be aware of their age, country of origin, gender, and other details. You could also make graphics that people will want to share. Simply make it entertaining, effective, and easy to understand, and your content will be saved.

Attempt To Win The Hashtags Competition

Your Instagram account can greatly benefit from competing in hashtag games. But you have to avoid spamming them and instead use shorter strings while trying not to overcrowd your post at the same time.

It would be beneficial to try to categorize and combine. For instance, you should use a combination of specific and generic hashtags at the same time. With this method, you’ll be able to better target your audience while promoting your posts widely as well.  Additionally, you should consider using at least 11 hashtags, but no more than 30, as this is a well-known approach for getting the most out of your posts.

Make Collaborations On Instagram

Collaborations are efficient ways to gain feedback on your posts. Try co-authoring your post with another well-known user, who may even be an influencer, to receive better reactions from your combined audience. 

You may do this by teaming up on a feed post or an Instagram reel. This method will help you with the response of your collaborating user’s followers to your post. You can also use such a method to attract the attention of other communities as well. So, attempt to connect with someone who has a similar following and collaborate with them in the best way possible.

Use Instagram Filters

Filters are an excellent approach to increasing the number of people who react to and share your content. You could make your posts more appealing and tempting by using these filters. 

For instance, the employment of augmented reality filters is a popular trend that could be beneficial. So, give these filters a shot and see how much more visibility and Instagram engagement you can receive.

The Key To Success Is Consistency

Every minute, thousands of people post on Instagram, and your post has a good possibility of being pushed down and disappearing from the newsfeed. As a result, audience interactions or comments on such posts are crucial in this situation to keep the content items in the feed moving higher. 

To maintain your social presence, it is recommended that you post at least 2-3 times every day on Instagram. It’s also crucial to pick and post at the proper times when the majority of your audience is on Instagram, to start conversations that lead to much-anticipated engagement.

Show Yourself And Your Personality

Bringing your personality to Instagram is a terrific place to start if you want to increase interaction with your community. It’s also crucial to show your face as a brand now and again. Your fans want to know you’re more than just a logo, and when a person’s face appears in a brand account’s story, it tends to increase engagement.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has been growing for years, and it seems likely that engagement on the network will continue to be strong as well. Engagement is the lifeblood of a social platform, and Instagram accounts need to make every effort to look for innovative ways to increase their Instagram engagement.

With that said, there is a lot of room for experimentation and creativity, however, by following these key steps you’re on a great path to making your account grow and gaining more exposure.