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In recent times, online casinos have become more predominant. Hundreds of online casinos are coming up every day. Punters now can access their preferred online casino games from the comfort of their homes and still enjoy the fun and thrill they always get from land-based casinos.

With the online gambling industry slowly adopting AI, things have started to brighten up for this sector. This is because Artificial Intelligence brings more to the table. Some of the benefits that AI provides include;

●     Improved customer service.

●     Detection of gambling addicts.

●     Enhanced data protection and safety for both players and casino operators.

●     Improved data analysis.

●  Due to AI, the gaming industry has become more individual, safer, and fairer.

There is no doubt that AI intelligence is doing much for the online gaming industry.

Our expert author in the online gambling industry, Jacek Michalski (view profile), has interesting thoughts concerning AI and Humans.

Is AI smarter than humans? Read to find out.

AI in online gambling

Have you ever asked yourself why Polish online casinos always ‘seem’ to know what suits you? It is all the work of machine learning and AI that study your browsing patterns and come up with content that suits you. The use of AI does not end there as some of the free slots reviewed at automaty online employ the technology to minimize the chances of players cheating and provide a fair playing ground.

Is Artificial Intelligence Smart Than Humans?

Computers can effectively solve problems. Using the right software, we can analyze complex calculations much faster and many times than most skilled mathematicians. Accurate, perfect. Fast, very fast. But then again, is Artificial Intelligence smart? Well, it depends on how you define intelligence.

Convergent vs. Divergent Thinking

According to Gilford, convergent thinking is the ability to answer questions correctly; this displays logic and memory mainly.

On the other hand, divergent thinking is the ability to come up with many potential answers to a single question or problem. This is thinking outside the box.

For instance, remembering the capital city of Korea is convergent thinking. Knowing how to work or live in Seoul, short of knowing the Korean language, is, on the other hand, divergent thinking.

Human vs. Computer

Computers do much better than humans in convergent thinking tasks. For example, thanks to superior processing power and memory, computers beat us in complex calculations and games with rules such as chess.

Let’s compare the best method, the human vs. computer when breaking a six-digit code.

The human way

When humans are tasked to crack someone’s pin, most of us will list the main data relating to the code’s owner. For example, we would check the person’s date of birth or phone number or try the commonly used code 12345. Another way humans can solve this is to analyze the device using the code to see if it betrays the digits. An intelligent and analytical method of trying to come up with a solution. This is probably divergent thinking.

The Computer Way

A software would take a different approach compared to the human way. AI would begin from 00000 and work its way sequentially throughout the numbers until it finds the solution. A modern computer can solve the problem in seconds using this technique.

This is the system that most operating systems use to invalidate passcodes after several attempts or a delay in the next attempt. The method is referred to as brute force.

Which Is the Best Method

A competent software engineer with a fine knowledge of human psychology can improve brute force by prioritizing sequences centered on their likely usage. This isn’t the machine AI being intelligent. In this case, the software engineer is applying his or her knowledge.

Can AI Make Informed Decisions Than Humans?

AI can indeed formulate algorithms and complete calculations very fast. But the resulting processes are largely based on results comprehended by humans. Well, when will artificial intelligence become handy?

Can AI produce the best procedures that make superior decisions to humans? The answer is undeniable yes. This is because computers can process more data compared to the human brain pretty fast. The computer, therefore, can determine data that wouldn’t be closely obvious to a human.

Artificial Intelligence is very useful in solving complex problems that humans are not well acquainted with. AI is used on Polish casinos and can learn the browsing patterns of gamers and come up with offers and suggestions that serve their needs.

In addition to this, it can determine better outcomes in comparison to human-based decision matrices. This is the possibility of identifying complex patterns in numerous amounts of data. But, unfortunately, the capability of AI to do compound, divergent thinking is limited. That’s the reason; Humans are smarter than AI.