Jewelry stores online

There are a lot of choices for jewelers out there, especially online. So how do you choose? After all, a high quality piece of jewelry is an investment. Can you trust online vendors? We’re offering tips on how to make sure you can trust the jeweler you buy from.

Does the jeweler listen to you?

If you can have a conversation with your chosen online jeweler store, you should. The important part of choosing a jeweler is determining if you trust them, and more than qualifications or credentials, that comes down to the relationship you have with them. A good jeweler should make you feel good about working with them and your purchase. Do they listen to what you want? If they can’t do it, do they offer suggestions or compromises? Do they offer you suggestions if you don’t know what you want, or examples if you do? If your jeweler listens to you, it’s a good suggestion that you can trust them, as they are taking what you want on board rather than trying to sell you the lowest quality ring for the highest price.

Is the jeweler credentialed?

This is the important one. The same way you should make sure your tattoo artist is qualified to touch your body in any way, you should check the qualifications of your jeweler. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a ring which has a stone that falls out, or a chain so thin it snaps when you leave the shop, or simply a piece that is valued far higher than it actually is. Look up the jeweler’s credentials on their website to ensure that they are qualified to make or sell a quality piece.

Is there a wide selection?

Jewelry, especially the high-quality items, should be unique, so you want a wide range of products to choose from to ensure that you have something that will be treasured forever. Take a look at Best Brilliance as a prime example, for a wide range of options on everything from earrings to engagement rings. Stones come in a large range of cuts, including marquise and pear, and can be implemented on rings, earrings, bracelets, and more. Customize your own piece from metal type, to setting and even diamond style to ensure that you have something that is unique to you and on trend.

What are the jewelers’ policies around warranties and returns?

More than a TV, more than a gaming PC, more than a house even, a quality piece of jewelry is supposed to last a long time. Theoretically, romantically, an engagement or wedding ring is supposed to last forever. So, it’s more important than most things to make sure you have your warranty and returns policy in order when you are buying a ring. It’s not the most romantic thing to think about so think of it this way: what if the diamond just popped out one day? What if the band snapped?

The most important thing is trusting your jewelry, and a big part of that is how they handle the warranty and returns policy. If they’re being shady about it or keep saying you’ll talk about it later, be on alert. If you’re looking for a ring online store, like with Best Brilliance, be sure to check around their website for their returns policy to keep your mind at ease.