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The playground is known to be the best friend of children when it comes to summer. Here they get a chance to swing, run. Climb and a lot more. After all these activities they get tired and sleep easily at the end of the day. But there are several disadvantages that you need to face when it comes to the playground. According to recent research, many children face injuries every year while playing on the playground. It could be anything related to head injuries or broken bones. Hence there are always possibilities of your child getting hurt while playing on the playground.

Some of the kids are way fearless as compared to others but still, they go through this phase of physical injuries once in a while.  We understand that playing is considered one of the critical factors when it comes to the overall development of your child. There are few things that you can consider to make sure your child is safe while playing on the playground.

Choose the right playground equipment

Most of the children get injured while using the equipment in the playground. Generally, most playgrounds give access to equipment that is suitable for all ages but sometimes your child can get injured if the equipment is not suitable for his development level or age. Hence in this case you can check for the posted signs regarding the recommended age. Few of the playgrounds also provide a specific area for children of a certain age. Letting your small child experiment with equipment that is designed for an elder child can end up in giving the injury. If your child is not interested to play with the available equipment in the playground then you can find the cubby house online for him.

Check the Safety of the ground

The first thing to check to make sure your child is safe while playing is the safety of the ground. You can take a walk around the ground before your child starts playing. You would need to make sure that the playground is free from all the possible dangers. You can also check the availability of shock-absorbing materials in the ground such as wood chips, sand, mulch, and shredded rubber. These shock-absorbing materials help to prevent the considerable impact of serious injury for your child. You can avoid the playgrounds which are made of asphalt, concrete, or dirt. These materials generally do not absorb the impact of the fall and as a result, it can lead to injury.

Choose the right dress

The fourth factor that you would need to keep in mind to assure the maximum security of your child is to choose the right dresses. Playgrounds are generally dirty and dusty. Hence make sure to choose the clothes for which you would need to get worried about getting stained. You can avoid letting your child wear loose clothes which can cause him caught on the posts or rails. Apart from this make sure your kid does not wear anything around the neck which can result in the risk of strangulation. If your child is wearing any kind of helmet, scarf or necklace then make sure he removes it before entering into the ground for playing.

Keep your supervision on

One of the simplest ways to keep your child safe is to supervise them. You can keep an eye on your children all the time. If you have a toddler then make sure to carry all the right equipment along with them. In case if they need any help or get injured while playing then you will be always there to protect them. Being with your children all the time while playing would also prevent the chances of your child getting lost. Your child is a bit older then you can simply observe him from a certain distance.

Check the weather

The playgrounds made of aluminum or other metals can get hot during the summers and cause burning on your child’s skin. Hence make sure to check the temperature of those slides by simply pressing your hands on them. If it is too hot to play then you can refrain your child from playing on it. Some times the plastic rides or slides can also get hot if it is made up of any dark material. Here you can consider visiting the playground which has partial shade.