Predator Helmet

The predator helmet includes an ABS laminate shell with an EPS padded interior shell for comfortable inner coverage. Comfortably cushioned protection and a customizable chin belt (fully adjustable strap). Earbuds are replaceable, easy to clean, and perfect for all seasons. For ultimate strength, every helmet’s body comprises numerous layers of Kelvar and glass fibers. This helmet has a four-channel adjustable air conditioning system for optimal head cooling mechanism. The rapid release feature on the visor allows users to exchange it based on the period of the day. The laser of the predator helmet is a head guiding feature that can be turned on and off using a tiny button positioned just behind the laser, providing for somewhat better visibility at night, in fog, or smoke. Adults, adolescents, women, and men can use this secure helmet. It may be used on motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, ATVs, skiing, and go-karts, among other things. If you’re shopping for predator helmets, don’t miss out on the great deals we have!

When you wear your customized predator helmet, you’ll be inspired by a highly amazing and unique Predator styling that will excite your inner rage! The predator helmet gives you the confidence to embrace speed moments and passion. This colorful helmet with long thick dreadlocks is enough to give you the unrivaled feeling of having this one-of-a-kind helmet. Experienced artisans made these unique, robust helmets to suit all your demands regarding fun and protection. The option of “metal spikes” will complement the unique design of this helmet.

The original predator helmet is a work of art in the field of bespoke helmets. It is the personification of the Predator in its most perfect form. It’s flashy, unique, and terrifying. This helmet incorporates all of the positive aspects of prior helmets and technology.

Predator’s Fangs – volumetric with an airbrush. The shell was used to make the casting. You can go with a matte black finish or choose an airbrushing design. To keep color, all airbrushing versions are UV-resistant lacquered. If you’d like a different color for your fangs, select it and inform us after placing your order; we’ll create a custom design for you.

It contains all of the following elements:

• Impeccable design

• Protection

• Coziness


  • A covering that unfolds by one hand and is placed into the shell;
  • 25 durable, detachable foam rubber dreadlocks with sheathing;
  • It is lightweight, weighing just 1.85 kg +/- 0,1 kg;
  • It is easily well-suited with blue tooth headphones and cameras;
  • The Predator helmet receives a particularly expanded collection of 3D airbrushing;
  • Add the following settings to the image to finish it;
  • Tiny dreadlocks on each side;
  • Tiger Fang spikes in a variety of colors;
  • Metal spikes;
  • Laser sight;

The variety of air-sprayed helmet graphics and the option to add extra equipment will give your helmet a unique and original look.

Tips for dreadlocks can be chosen while purchasing helmet equipment:

  • Carbon tips
  • Bear claw

Along with airbrushing, you may have the helmet dimensionally engraved as follows:

  • engraving of realistic scars;
  • engraving of just 1 column;
  • engraving of 2 columns;
  • engraving of 3 columns;
  • engrave the victorious and the avengers;

Each helmet is individually engraved by hand. Upon request, we will substitute any other color for the red – contact us after placing your purchase.


This article will help you to learn about predator helmets. You will also find these items useful for a long time.