love to decorate our house

We all love to decorate our house. We always wish that whenever we enter the house, we should feel the positive vibes, and hence we frequently make possible changes. Generally, we think that furniture and other accessories can make or break the look of your house but lights also play an important role in decorating your house. Using the right lights in your house can certainly enhance its overall look. But most of the time people get confused about which lights to be used for each section of the house. The lights used for your living room won’t look for the kitchen and vice versa. Here we will be talking about a few of the tips related to the lighting that would help you to decorate your house and make it feel welcoming.

Living Room

This is the most important section of your house as you tend to spend every evening and weekend here. Whether it is a movie-watching session with your family or a get-together with your friends, the living room provides space for everyone. Hence it becomes important to get the perfect light for this perfect party zone. Here you can use the lights that would bounce off to provide the illuminating ambiance. It would also help to create brightness in the room and avoid the shadows. If you have any bookcase or any kind of wall unit in the living room which doesn’t go well with your ceiling then you can certainly add the millwork pieces along with the linear fluorescent. Another tip to decorate your living room is to wash your walls with lights. Here you can choose the soffit or valance lights directed towards the wall. You can also invest in great furniture if you wish to revamp the look totally. You can buy the latest as well as vintage furniture at Modern Times.


Since in the kitchen we focus more on the cleanup and food preparation it tends to gather a lot of spots. Hence it is important to be careful while choosing the lights for the kitchen. If your kitchen sink is not getting daylight then make sure to use the bright lights above it. You can use the ceiling-mounted lights above the sink. If you wish to illuminate the countertop then you can use the under-cabinet lighting. According to the experts, the overall lights of the kitchen should reflect the ambiance light. You can put a dimmer on all the lights or choose energy-efficient light bulbs.


Here comes our favorite section of the house where we love to rejuvenate ourselves. We are talking about the bathroom. Since most of the grooming takes place in the bathroom it is necessary to have a mirror and other lighting arrangements. Here you can use the lights on both sides of the mirror. Apart from this, you can also fix the central ceiling-mounted fixture above the mirror. According to the experts, the ambiance lighting of the bathroom should range anywhere between 4000 to 8000 lumens while the task lighting of the mirror should be of minimum 1700 lumens.


We tend to skip the outdoor area most of the time while decorating the interior of our house. Getting the right lights for the outdoor area helps to minimize the reflection of the glass surface seen from the inside of the house during the night. But make sure to use too much of the light in the outdoor area. You can fix the bright light at the front door with two wall-mounted fixtures flanking the door. Here the entry of your house should get the light between 1000 to 2000 lumens while the one on the pathways should be around

Dining Room

The dining room is where we enjoy our food and spend some quality time with our family. Hence dining table should be the prime focus while deciding on the lights for the dining room. Make sure to use dimmers here as it would help to provide a relaxing atmosphere. If the wall color of your dining room is dark then make sure to use more lumens for the brighter area.


For the bedroom, you can always consider getting the wall-mounted light fixtures that would be used during your reading sessions. You can create more ambiance lighting with the help of architectural lighting and a pair of scones facing the wall mirror.

Home Office

Due to pandemic most of us have shifted our offices at home and every one us have designated one particular area of the house as the home office. Since we spend most of our day here it is important to use the correct lights. Make sure the lights are not reflecting on a computer screen. The task should be fixed to provide minimum shadows. Hence make sure to fix it on the left side of the workstation.