Online Reputation

Reputation is key that every business needs to grow and establish dignity around the digital marketplace. If you want to survive in this competitive world, you must have the key. But the tricky thing is managing brand Online Reputation is not an easy task. It needs proper planning, proper execution, and most importantly, proper tools and decisions to conduct the work.

Many businesses despite having a good repo fail to maintain their position online. The reason is quite transparent. They are not aware of the fundamental things that need to be monitored first.

For many of you, online reputation means having a good ranking, generating huge conversions, and building engagement. But dear, there is something more that actually influences these things to happen. If you set out to repair online reputation of your brand, the ORM experts will pay more attention to the hidden elements. Let’s focus on them brightly.

5 Things to monitor when it is about brand reputation online

Monitor online reviews:

Do you have a policy of asking for feedback from your existing customers? In that case, you should also pay attention to their reviews they have mentioned online.

Browse the online review generating sites or social media platforms like Facebook and look for your brand review. Your reviews have a great impact on business. This will help you to learn about your customer behavior, their interests on your products or services, along with the demands and desires.
Analyzing the reviews and learning about your customers’ interests, you can improve your business accordingly. This will help you to optimize your services, add or remove some products, and most importantly make your business customer-friendly.

Use tools like Google Alerts, Reputology, GatherUp to get an overview of your positive and negative reviews online. They even allow the users to respond to the reviews and seek customer attention at one glance.

Monitor negative content:

There might be a situation where your customers have added some negative content about your brand or products. Such contents are usually in the form of reviews or social media posts. It’s quite natural. You should be smart enough to deal with them properly.

Either you can use tools like Review Push to push back the negative reviews or delete them purposely. You can even get rid of them by designing powerful content and reply. It doesn’t matter whether you remove them or keep them, you must not forget to respond them back.

Monitor brand mentions:

Brand mentions usually appears after a successful campaign. Suppose you have launched a campaign on Facebook. It is likely to gain some brand mentions with the same hashtags you have used for the campaign.

Monitor your brand mentions and find the reaction of your targeted audience. This will help you to determine the positive and negative angles of your campaign, impacting a lot in your overall business.
Toots that need special mention in this category are Brand Mentions, Mentions, Social Mentions, and so on.

Monitor industry trends:

Unless and until you get your hand over the new latest industry trends, there is no possibility of staying competitive. Every year, new trends evolve with some new perspective. And being your responsibility, you must take care of the trends seriously.

To beat your competitors and to stay ahead of the competition, learning about new trends, accepting them, and implementing them in your business is very essential. But this will remain impossible until you monitoring and find what the industry trends are.
 Google Alerts in this case turns out to be very helpful. It gives you access to get an insight into your competitors and find the emerging trends related to your brand products and services. It’s very imperative, although being overlooked.

Monitor your blogs:

Blogs are responsible for generating high traffic, build engagement, excite readers, and most importantly boost search engine rankings. Many marketers often overlook this as well. They feel blogs have no role in building a business. It is just used to educate the readers and seek their attention.

But dear, if you are willing to stay online and get more clicks, it is the blogs that can help you to attain the high ranks on SERPs. So, monitoring your blogs and getting an insight into organic traffic is essential.

Use online tools to keep an eye on the blogs that performed well, find the number of traffic, engagement graph, and much more. Guess what, you can even determine the keywords that are performing well and need special attention.  


Monitoring online channels is your first job when you think about your online reputation. This gives you the potential to make the right business decision at the right time.

Are you facing issues with your brand Online Reputation? Use proper ORM tools like Google Alerts, Reputology, and Social Mentions, and keep a track of your online reviews, feedback, negative content, and so on. Look for the best ORM service providing company. Check out the best reputation management pricing package and keep a track of your business performance.