Marketing in the Gaming Industry
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There are many games on the market because of this it isn’t easy to make your game accessible in these competitive times. Creating a video game is just the beginning of your journey. In this journey, you have to plan the marketing of your game. If you do not take it seriously, then all of your money and effort will go to waste. Nowadays, many gaming industries adopt different ways for the marketing of their games. Marketing is the first step towards your journey, and for this journey, I will tell you about some plans for Marketing in the Gaming Industry.

Game marketing through YouTube:

Nowadays, YouTube becomes a trend in our society; you can find anything on YouTube. Many people take advantages of YouTube, and it is also used for Marketing in the Gaming Industry. If you do not have a channel on youtube, then the time comes to set up one. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and it is an open field of opportunities to promote your games.

You can make promo video as a trailer with the most exciting and entertaining parts of your game. This includes graphics, sound and also the description. This information will attract many gamers to your game. You can also take advantage of YouTube advertising services where the trailer of your game will show on the screen before the requested video is played. So this is the best platform for the marketing of the game, and I am sure that it will help you.

Game marketing through the blog:

Making a blog about games on your website is a very reliable and durable investment. It is very beneficial for some reasons. These reasons are listed below.

  • A blog increases traffic on your site with the help of SEO.
  • It attracts many new gamers and also attracts media.
  • Blogs tell people about your game and give the idea to people about your game.
  • It makes your website a place where people can spend time reading interesting articles.
  • Bring many new players after your official launch date.

By blog, you can post news and updates about your game, and your game gets popularity when people share a blog about your game. The blog attracts many people who have an interest in games. By blogging, you can change people’s negative thoughts about your game. But always write a new and beneficial post about the game in your blogs.

Game marketing through Instagram and Facebook:

These two social media apps used by people all over the world. Many people use these apps. Their post can be shared across the globe and trillions of peoples can see it. Nowadays, many people use these applications for marketing purposes and it a benefit for those people. Nowadays, these applications become the platform for Marketing because people all around the world can see your post, videos and images. So it can be beneficial for the marketing of gaming.

Many people can get ideas of the game from Facebook and Instagram. You can share your videos, pictures, descriptions, storyline and also graphics about your games and it attracts people. Facebook and Instagram can change the perspective of people, and many Marketing in the Gaming Industry take advantage of it. You have to make a page on Facebook or Instagram and share some post about games.

You do not have to invest money on marketing if you do your marketing through Facebook and Instagram. If someone like your post about your gaming, he will share it with others and it an advantage for you. So use these applications in the right way can give you many benefits.

Game influencer marketing:

So here I tell you about how an influencer can help you with the marketing of the game. An influencer is a king when it comes to marketing. They can help you with getting your game in front of the right people. It can become the way for the publicity of your game in front of thousands of people. This is costly because influencer does marketing for cash. But their cost depends on how big their audience is.

Many times there are many influencers who you know, or they are friends of yours then it is very beneficial for you, and you are fortunate. Because you reach out to them very quickly otherwise, it is tough to reach out influencer. But if you do not have any connections with them, then social media channels are the massive platform for finding out top influencer.

You can find them on every kind of social network and social sharing website, and you have to find their profile or accounts on these websites. After seeing them, you have to pay them and get the job done by the influencer. The influencer can help you to attract as many people as possible towards your game or gaming industry.

5 ways to promote modern marketing in the gaming industry

1. The world is revolving around “Mobile”

Mobile games contribute 51% of global revenue from the gaming industry.

Mobile gaming industry revenue is higher than Costa Rica’s GDP.

American gamers 18 to 35 play mobile games for an average of 48 minutes a day.

This is a huge, big market for companies to target. By partnering with an influencer of the game industry, related to brands and products, you can quickly build brand awareness and increase leads.

For example, a game called Brawl Stars by Supercell. Producer Supercell teamed up with 10 influencers to promote the pre-launch game, earning them 5 million signups after announcing its release date. Since then, the game has been covered by many other influencers and is currently the most watched mobile game on YouTube.

2. The number of women playing the game is on the rise

If a typical gamer was a boy with acne “plowing game” in a room or basement, now this image is gradually changing to an older woman. Today, 45% of gamers are women and girls. In fact, the “ardent” mobile gamers, especially middle-aged women.

For brands looking to start marketing in the gaming industry, that’s great news. The huge number of Gen X generation and Millennials online has given companies partnerships with real disposable income.

The YouTube duo, Rose and Rosie have more than 840,000 followers on their Youtube Rose Ellen Dix site. Their page has lifestyle topics such as relationship counseling and LGBT issues. They have been trying to capitalize on this to promote their other site, Let Play Games, where Rose and Rosie conduct in-game tutorials and live streams for their loyal audience.

While many male gamers are attracted to fighting and racing games, companies that align with women’s interests may find partnerships accompanying a more diverse audience.

3. Video content is king

The growth of Video Marketing goes hand in hand with the growth of the game industry. Video content is always getting more engagement and influencing more consumers. Studies from Smart Insights confirm that video content will account for 78% of all data traffic in the world by 2019.

In terms of the effects of video in the gaming industry, we just need to look at YouTube, which has 6 out of the top 10 channels that are relevant to gaming. Gamers can happily watch videos of others playing games for hours, with 48% of YouTube gamers admitting they actually spend more time watching other people play than they actually play.

But not everyone watches it, only game influencers. Gamers can follow top influencers to learn tips, discover new games, and follow the lives of their favorite influencers. As is the case with a Swedish gamer Ufabet, Felix Kjellberg, nicknamed PewDiePie, that even after some racial speech caused him to lose cooperation with Disney, 90 million followers continued to follow the videos. his.

4. Cloud computing breaking the limits

When Amazon joined and bought Twitch for $ 970 million in 2014, many wondered how the gaming platform would fit into Jeff Bezos’ plan to dominate the world. When the cloud computing market has blossomed, the answer has become clear.

For an industry influencer, live streaming content is an important part of the job. Consequently, the continued development of cloud services will pave the way for more lucrative partnerships and promotions in the coming years.

5. Brand integrity is the source of inspiration

When Social Point Games wanted to promote the Monster Legends game, they chose to partner with Mark Fischbach – which owns the YouTuber Markiplier channel. Fischbach has had a chart of using his influence for good, with several livestreams raising thousands of dollars for the poor, including the Save the Children charity.

This is a smart move for Social Point Games, as this company and influencers are a perfect match. The company is well aware of the value of social consciousness in the modern era, knowing that nearly 90% of consumers will convert brand interest based on their association with charitable activities or society. When Fischbach announced that he would donate $ 10,000 to the Miracle Foundation, it made many people want to see his reviews of Monster Legends.

Every company wants to get more brand awareness. If you can create awareness for a good social reason in your Marketing in the Gaming Industry campaign, the brand will quickly gain a good reputation. That is the key to establishing trust with potential new customers.