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Mental Health and Addiction are two different but interlinked diseases. The National Institute of Mental Health lists that in 2019, 20 percent of adults in the United States lived with a mental health disorder. Of those adults, nearly 1-in-4 have a Substance Abuse Disorder.

Given this link, it is vital to preserve and augment your mental health, especially when battling a mood disorder. Listed below are some ways to ensure that you can actively take care of your mental health. Given that sobriety is about the establishment of healthy habits to replace addictive ones, according to certain treatment approaches, this might be a viable option. Keep in mind, that this is not actual medical advice, and if you are suffering from a mental health condition or substance abuse condition, the best course of action would be to see a licensed medical professional.

Having a good support system

Having a good support system is perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to long-term sobriety. Working to create and maintain relationships, such as with family or trusted friends, can prove to be extremely helpful when dealing with mental health or addiction problems. Keep in mind that for most people, and you, these people will be in all likelihood, the first to respond to any sort of crisis that arises, and therefore, being honest about your problems can be extremely beneficial in allowing them to function effectively as a support network. Social support has been cited to be a good indicator of long-term sobriety. Sober living communities, such as sober living Austin, make this the primary concept behind their treatment, emphasizing the benefits of community healing.

Eating well

There has been a proven link between mental health and our diet. Imbalances in our nutrition and dietary deficiencies can adversely affect our mental function. Your body is a machine, and as such feeding it a diet of refined sugars and unhealthy fats and increased salt will only result in poor output. Studies have found a correlation between diets high in sugar and mood disorders, such as depression. It is, therefore, a wise choice to be conscious of taking in good foods to augment your health.

Physical self-care

Exercise is a simple solution to a lot of our problems. Keep in mind that it is often our lifestyles that do not accommodate our evolutionary need to run and jump and not the other way around. Regular exercise has been known to lower the incidence of several diseases, including high blood pressure and arthritis, and this includes mood disorders like depression and anxiety. This is why many drug rehab Austin, incorporate exercise into their treatment programs.


Variety is key in maintaining your mental health. Our brains need constant stimulation to grow and we need that as people too. Having variety in your day-to-day life will make sure that you never feel stuck or stagnant. This does not mean an absence of routine but rather allowing for your routine to be flexible enough for you to slow down and take mental stock. This can be as simple as taking a walk now and then, to picking up a new hobby.

The link between mental health and addiction is not one that can be ignored and therefore, you should always keep your mental health in check and prioritize self-care when trying to become or maintain your sobriety.

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