national mask code blue red

On social networks, users are posting images of a sign that reads “National Mask Code” and those who are not vaccinated will be subject to additional restrictions. The sign also includes a telephone number that can be contacted to get more information that is from the Utah Department of Health. The Department has informed Reuters via email that the poster was not theirs, and the information it contains is not true.

Images from the signs have been posted on Facebook One early uploader noting that it was seen by a friend from St. George, Utah( Here ). The poster’s top says: “Be a SAFE Citizen. Be sure to follow the National Mask Code.”

It also shows an image in which it suggests that those who have not been vaccinated must wear red masks, while those who have been vaccinated should wear blue masks. It also states that those who have not been vaccinated are subject to additional restrictions on travel, commerce and voting restrictions, in addition to being under a three-month lockdown. These restrictions won’t be in place for people who are vaccinated as the sign indicates.

The poster states: “ONLY your official SAFE-ID verification card can be used as evidence of vaccination! Call 1-800 456-7707.” The last line on the poster is difficult to discern in photographs, but appears to start with “If You have queries Please contact the SAFE offices.It is not known what SAFE or the SAFE office represents, but the phone number listed in the advertisement is is that of Utah Department of Health Coronavirus Information Line. The Utah Department of Health told Reuters via email that they did not design the poster, and that the information it contained was not true. The authors wrote that: “False and misleading information such as this can be hazardous and risky in the fight against the pandemic.. “

There are no limitations that are based on the decision of a person to receive vaccinations or not. It is not in any way that travel, lockdowns, entry into businesses, or the right to vote contingent on the decision you make regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. The Utah state Utah does not require or require you to wear a specific colour of mask to show you’ve had a vaccination.”

The Department of Health also urged people in Utah who are interested in the vaccination to seek information from “reputable medical and scientific organizations, such as”


It was designed through an agency that is official. Likewise, the number provided to those seeking further details is the Utah Department of Health, who stated that the information contained on the poster is not true. The Utah government isn’t asking vaccination recipients to wear colored masks or imposing additional restrictions on people who are not vaccinated.