water pipe

An avid smoker has a plethora of tools in their treasure box. A water pipe is every smoker’s staple smoking device besides all the other instruments. These water pipes come in many shapes and designs, each with distinct features and benefits. So, no matter what kind of water pipe, every smoker needs to improve their smoking experience.

Out of all the water pipes, bongs are the most common smoking tool. You might be surprised to know that the use of bong dates back almost a thousand years. However, the available bongs are different from what they used to be, but their basic functionality remains the same. Also, gone are the days when smoking products were ostracized; now, if you are above the legal age, you can go to an online headshop and buy a water pipe online.

But, if you are new to smoking and are looking to buy your first, here are some of the things that you must know.

How do bongs work?

Bongs come in various sizes, but their functionality remains the same, no matter their size, shape, design, and material used. Bongs have a smoke chamber, a water bowl, and a stem with one end in the water, and the other end has a small bowl where you have to pack your substance or herbs.

Many bongs have a removable stem to relieve the smoke from the bong’s chambers, but some bongs have a hole, which you must keep covered while inhaling.

Firstly, you have to fill up the water bowl of the bong halfway. Secondly, you need to pack the small bowl of the stem with the herbs of your choice. Once you have the bong ready, light up the herbs with a lighter and inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece on the long neck of the bong. As the smoke passes through water and the long neck of the bong, the toxins in the smoke get filtered out, making the smoke very smooth.

When comparing the smoke inhalation from a joint or a standard pipe, the smoke you get from a water pipe. The smoke filtered through water will not harm your lungs, and you will cough less. Moreover, it also mellows the harshness of the herbs you choose.

What are the Different Kinds of Bongs?

When shopping for water pipes online, you will come across tons of designs and materials. Knowing the best material for your bong is essential to choosing the right bong for your smoking needs. However, the number of options in materials can somewhat make it difficult for beginners to choose the bong.

So, here are the best kinds of bongs that you can buy.

Silicone bongs

Silicone bongs are a recent innovation, but they have made a name for themselves amongst smokers since these bongs are highly portable and lightweight. Their portability makes them the perfect choice for smokers who like their bong on the go. You will be interested to find out that many silicone bongs come in a foldable variant, wherein you can remove the stem of the bong and collapse to a tiny size. So, if you enjoy smoking on long hikes or smoke while traveling, you must consider buying a silicone bong.

Ensure that you only buy a silicone bong that is hundred percent BPA-free. Furthermore, silicone bags are affordable, but they might not be as readily available as glass bongs.

Glass bongs

These bongs are considered the best kinds of bongs out there. Glass bongs are the classic bongs that are very stylish and provide the best smoking experience. However, you have to be cautious while smoking out of glass bongs since they can break easily. Glass bongs offer the best taste that enables you to enjoy the full flavor of your herbs. Moreover, you can find glass bongs in many designs and shapes. No matter what your aesthetic sense is, you will be able to find the best bong that matches your aesthetics as well.

Also, unlike other types of bongs, you can find a glass bong in any head shop in the world, no matter whether it is offline or online. Remember that glass bongs can be more expensive than regular silicone or acrylic bongs.

Ceramic bongs

Unlike the other types of bongs mentioned in the list, ceramic bongs are the most expensive. These bongs are more like a work of art than a smoking accessory. Avid smokers collect ceramic bongs to display them on the shelves rather than smoking proudly. However, the smoking functionality remains the same.

What are the Different Sizes of Bongs?

Bongs are widely available in three sizes.

Small bongs

Small bongs are available in most of the common materials. Typically, bongs under twelve inches in height can be classified as small bongs. Such bongs can be stored easily; they are affordable and have the same features as giant ones. But, if the smoking chamber of a small bong is thin in diameter, it might make the smoke a bit harsh for smooth inhalation.

Big Bongs

Generally, most people prefer to buy big bongs only, measuring twelve to twenty-four inches in height. A benefit of opting for a big bong is that you can look for more features in the bong. For instance, a big bong is more likely to have a zig-zag-shaped tube, space for ice, percolator, and other elements to improve the smoking experience. Out of all the bong sizes, big bongs strike a balance between price and utility. Moreover, big bongs are easy to smoke out of and can even be used by beginners. `

Extra-large bongs

Extra-large bongs are not the most practical choice as they measure more than twenty-four inches in height. XL bongs are best suited for display purposes as smoking out of them can be difficult.


Ensure that you properly clean your bong after a couple of smoking sessions to prevent toxin buildup. Besides purchasing the best water pipe online, you can also buy cleaning accessories for the bong.