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Nonogram puzzles are also known as picture cross, Griddlers, Picross, Picma, Hanjie Japanese puzzles, Paint-Doku, Pixel puzzles, Pic-A-Pix, Japanese Crosswords, and Paint by Number Logic Puzzles.

There’re many more, but the above are the most known.

In this post, we discuss what you need to know about nonogram puzzles.

Nonograms are addictive picture cross puzzles and have many griddlers. You can challenge your mind with the easy-to-play number puzzle and become a hanjie master.

The game allows you to connect with other nonogram puzzle lovers worldwide. All you have to do is reveal pixel art pictures. And begin to enjoy it.

Some of the highlights of this game include:

  • Classic design and set of features that make the game exciting and fun. You can find your preferred puzzle page and enjoy the game anywhere, anytime.
  • Nonograms keep your mind active. You can choose your preferred difficulty level and enjoy creating a unique nonogram collection. They allow you to exercise your imagination and logical thinking simultaneously.
  • If you need to take a healthy break from your usual routine, nonogram puzzles are your to-go-to. They help you unwind from your day-to-day life. And keep you feeling refreshed.
  • You can download the game on your mobile device or tablet, and you can play any day, anytime. You can enjoy it on the go, at the spa, after work, during the break, and so on. The options with this game are endless.

Nonogram features

Nonogram puzzles come with various features. Some of these include:

  • Many picture cross puzzles with non-repetitive images to color
  • Seasonal events where you can compete and challenge your current difficulty level. Here, you can also reveal and collect all your unique nonogram postcards and follow the updates, so you never miss a single event.
  • Daily challenges where you can play every day and earn crowns. You can also get a special monthly trophy if you complete all the nonogram puzzles in a month.
  • Tournaments where you can compete with other players and the opportunity to color as many griddlers as you can
  • You can choose your most preferred puzzle type to enhance your skills, and this will earn you more points and win you the best prices.
  • Hints to help you when you get stuck while solving the nonogram puzzle.
  • Autocross to help you fill the grid on the lines in the puzzle where the squares are colored correctly

The perks of solving nonogram puzzles

  1. Release stress

Solving a nonogram puzzle will help get rid of stress. That is because it requires your undivided attention. And when you channel all your focus to your game, you forget everything happening around you for some time.

Besides, solving a nonogram puzzle helps release serotonin. And that helps stabilize your mood, feelings, and happiness.

  • Boost creativity

Finally, solving nonogram puzzles helps to boost your creativity. That is because you have to keep devising ways to help you progress with your puzzle, and move on to the next challenge. That way, you become creative. And that transfers to your real life.

The more you embrace creativity, the more you’re able to complete your duties with ease. And fun at the same time.