outdated SEO techniques

SEO is dead. If you too believe in this sentence, it’s high time to blow your mind. People who feel that SEO is no longer an effective strategy should consult the best SEO Company in India to witness the truth.

In fact, SEO is evolving; it’s at a peak level than it was earlier. Every day, there is something new for SEO wizards to practice in their strategic plans.

If you ever become a part of the debate on whether SEO is dying or not in 2021 and upcoming years, read out this guide for a brief idea.

An honest answer to this question is, SEO is not dying and there isn’t any evidence of it losing its importance in digital marketing. Even though Google has updated its algorithm many times (Panda, Hummingbird, and still on), SEO keeps on altering with time.

Here are a few outdated SEO techniques you should know.

Google always favoured visitors. Hence, it keeps on changing the search algorithm, and to match up with all the criteria, SEO experts have to drop a few shady tactics and adopt a newer approach.

1.  Greed of backlinks

No doubt, backlinks are considered as a foundation of SEO strategy. There is a huge importance of backlinks for any website to progress. Earlier, backlinks have helped many websites to break ranking records more than ever before. But now, Google monitors everything like link exchanges and bookmark sites to arrange a fair game. If you gain lots of backlinks, it doesn’t make you a productive SEO strategist. Backlinks are important, but having backlinks from credible websites is essential. It is necessary to set an aim for relevant sites to get backlinks. The site should also have significant organic traffic and make visitor’s interaction worthy.

2.  Keyword stuffing or overly use keywords

For instance, you have taken care of not labeling your website or content as keyword-stuffed content. But, did you place lots of keywords into a single page? Any unnatural wording can affect your overall online credibility. Google can detect the keywords or synonyms by using LSI (latent semantic indexing), and with the help of proficient content writers, you can resolve such overused keywords issues.

3.  Stick to content quantity over quality

No doubt, it’s important to post regularly. But it doesn’t mean, we post anything stuffed with keywords to expect website ranking or organic traffic. This could never happen. Quality is a lot more important than quantity content. If your content is of low quality, it will not help you achieve the target that you expect. Make sure to avoid thin content, and add something helpful. Thin content means content that hasn’t covered a topic completely or may have incomplete information that no one would like to absorb. Google takes the side of the contents that add value to the life of visitors. The content has answers to all the questions asked by visitors.  

End up,

Now, you must get a clear idea about how SEO is still rocking in the digital market. You just need to approach an SEO Company in Ahmedabad that can help you walk on the road to success.