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The Best Ways to Password Protect PDF File

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With the arrival of technology, there are many file formats that we use daily. Some of them are-.doc, .ps, .exe, .pdf, etc. However, the most regularly used file format is PDF. One of the many benefits of it is we can anytime password protect PDF files for data security.

For that we have document scanner apps that offer easy encryption of PDF files. Do you want to secure your information through a password? Let’s know one of the easiest ways to password protect pdf files.

Here Is How You Can Password Protect PDF Files

The portable document formats are comfortable to use and offer many advantages. But the most important advantage of these files are, we can easily password-protect them.

Here are some of the benefits of setting a password to your PDF files.

What Are The Advantages Of Password Protected Pdf?

Let’s first see the benefits of encrypted data. Check out the below-mentioned points to see how password protection can benefit you.

  1. Security Of Classified Data- The most significant use of encrypting Pdf files is data security. Health sectors, financial firms, government organizations, etc need well-protected data to run smoothly.
  2. Secure Your Intellectual Property– Intellectual properties are the backbone of any company. Companies can effortlessly store trade secrets, product launch details, internal processes, marketing strategies, etc, in pdf and secure it with a strong password.
  3. Limit The Access Of The PDF Files– At times you may need to stop unwanted distribution of your companies’ details. We all know-how leaked data and company information can harm the business. You can easily limit its access by keeping it password protected through a smart PDF maker app.
  4. Protect Your Data And Enable Limited Access- In some projects, companies need to share the files to a whole lot of people. But only a few are allowed to edit those classified data. In such cases, you can set a password to such PDF pages and give secure access to only a few people.
  5. Restrict Unauthorised Printing/Sharing- Now even a fraction of a second is more than enough to take a photo of any file and then we can easily print them. Stop unauthorized access to your confidential details and lock such files with a strong password.

So, these are the common reasons people are using password protected PDFs these days. But above all, if you really want to stay unique and lead the business, you need to handle your confidential data with great secrecy. Locking such data with a passcode helps maintain your confidentiality.

How To Password Protect Your PDF Documents With FlashScan?

FlashScan is one of the most professional Android scanner apps that provides a facility to lock pdf documents. After reviewing many scanner apps, we have selected FlashScan as it is reliable and offers many useful features.

First of all you will need to download this Android scanner app. Now let’s see how to add a password to your pdf files with this app.

  • Open the FlashScan app and see the dashboard. Tap on the Doc Scanner.
  • If you are using this app for the first time, your Doc Scanner list will be empty.
  • You can add an image from the gallery or directly take the photo through your device.
  • Tap on the scan and save the results as PDF format.
  • You can use any editing filters if you require it before saving the document.
  • Now tap on the PDF Viewer and select your PDF file.
  • From here you can set a password to your PDF and lock your confidential data.

FlashScan also offers many impressive features.

FlashScan – The Most Reliable Android Scanner App

It is a simple scanner app with easy navigation. Here are some of the main features of this app-

  • FlashScan is a comprehensive document scanner app that scans documents in a flash.
  • It also scans QR codes and Barcodes.
  • It also offers a robust OCR. You can use it for the translation of the extracted text as well.
  • This app offers an intuitive PDF Viewer tool that lets you perform various operations on your PDF files.
  • This PDF creator app offers multiple PDF templates- Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4(default-size),A5 sizes are the most common page sizes.
  • You can compress your PDFs for quick sharing.
  • Users can scan their signature and place it on PDFs with this PDF creator app.
  • Placing a custom watermark is fast and easy with this PDF creator app for Android devices.


For a profitable business, you need to use novel strategies and products. Stay genuine by protecting your data with a password. Encrypt your classified data with a smart scanner app like FlashScan.

Password protect your PDFs to secure your intellectual property.

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