patches to clothes

Trends come and go, but have you experienced repeated trends like using patches to clothes?

Now is the time to re-launch the trend of the ’80s as patches are revolving around the clock. You can see patches almost everywhere, from your jeans, jackets, knickers, shirts, backpacks, or even sneakers. Apart from that, you can use patches on your favorite accessories as well.

If you have a chance, then why don’t you use it to upgrade your wardrobe? You can design clothes with customized embroidery patches the way you want. 

So, if you want to be a successful designer, you can use trendy patches, whether to sew on or iron-on. Utilize different patches and turn your useless clothes into worthy enough to wear.

For the last two years, patches are visible everywhere, from hats to shoes. These little pieces are a kind of token that brings life to your garments.

Trendy Purposes of Sew-On Patches

It really does not matter at all what you like; however, people tend to judge you from your outfit. There are hundreds and tons of ways to use patches differently. Maybe it is your friend who designs dresses outstandingly, or it might be possible that you are inspired by someone else on social media. You can express your style by wearing different looks. 

Here is a list of some well-known patch styles:

Special Patches

You must want special treatment on your special day, right?

Well, patches are a great way to express your personality type, and it lets you make a great trend. Whether it be your wedding or birthday, it is a fun thing to celebrate your special event. You can even serve your guests with a patch to wear just for fun.

Retro Patches

Sew-on patches are a unique way to express mood, and it has been around for decades. Ranging from the 80’s heavy metal era to the 90’s punk rock and patch-covered denim, you can show what type of personality you have, and it also makes a great style.

Trendy Patches

The flexibility factor of patches allows them to utilize anywhere, including t-shirts, jackets, jeans, coats, sneakers, or hats. People tend to wear customized patches to enhance the beauty of their items and accessories. Patches can change your outfit and other accessories’ style and uniqueness, so they are highly recommended to use for increasing trendy options.

Simple Patches

Why don’t you pair sew-on patches simply with jeans? It will give you a subtle design statement, and your outfit or accessories will become eye-catching. 

Refined Patches

It all depends on why you need a patch; your patch’s purpose brings motive to your buy a patch, and it entirely changes the thing that attaches a patch. Different colors and designs are considered while buying a patch. Your organization tends to give multiple reasons to buy a patch to put on your clothing.

Sporty or Casual Patches

If you are the authority at someplace, such as an e-commerce store, or you are the leading person of a team, it is necessary to keep your outfit trendy plus classic. You can give your outfit a completely casual and sporty look that shows how determined you are.

Custom embroidered patches are durable, lightweight and versatile. According to the embroidery coverage, it is mainly divided into 50%, 75%, and 100% embroidery patch types.

If you want to promote your brand in your company or other occasions, you can embroider brand names and logos on embroidered patches to become an effective marketing and promotional tool.

Understand the Options of Sew-On Patches

A great designer is needed for your patches when you plan to wear custom patches for an organization. Your designer must help you with multiple custom options. As you already know, sew-on patches are in style for decades; however, you can enjoy more options today.

During your research of a designer, you need to understand the following tricks:


For custom patches, your size range is from 2 inches to 12 inches. Well, it is really a comprehensive option for size.


Your manufacturer must have more than one option to choose for style based on preferences, custom printed, embroidered, and 3D effect options.


With different materials, you can have an overall look for your product options. A huge range of options must be there for custom patches in terms of chenille, polyester blend twill, felt, satin, black ballistic nylon, taffeta, camouflage, and other materials.

 To Sum Up

Many patches are available in the market, and you can choose according to your preferences. No one can force you to style differently than your personality. You can make a great trend to enhance your mood and emotions if you use sew on patches to your accessories from head to toe.