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5 Simple Steps To Attract More Clients To Your Pilates Studio

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Looking at a Pilates practitioner do some of the movements might look easy for first-timers. But once they try, it’s usually buckets of sweat, red faces and gritted teeth. That can be very discouraging for them and hard for you as a studio owner to maintain a loyal clientele. However, there are ways you can encourage your clients to keep coming back and help them develop self-discipline. Marketing is the primary tool you have to use to attract more people. It may sound simple, but it’s easier said than done. But with the right strategies, you are good to go; soon, you will have lots of clients walking into your studio.

Use Social Media

You have probably thought about this since starting your Pilates business, but it’s necessary to emphasize. You need a solid social media presence, so if you had not opened different accounts, you should. Ensure you are active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and try to build a following. Market your services through your posts and always emphasize your key selling points. Remember to keep your posts short, trendy and very interesting; long paragraphs mostly get ignored on social media. Have your existing customers tag you on their social media accounts or develop a hashtag they all can use. When people don’t know about you, they cannot come to your Pilates studio. That is why it is crucial to be visible and know by many people, and social media is the perfect tool.

Provide Specialized Classes

Stand out from the rest and build your client list by offering specialized classes. For example, you can have Pilates for kids, expecting mothers, men, older folks, and athletes. That way, you will be very inclusive and have different classes, which will automatically attract more clients. Give a chance for mothers to come with their kids by providing a family experience. Be knowledgeable about how Pilates can impact pregnant women positively. It’s a low-impact workout session that will be very beneficial throughout their journey. Such information will invite more people and will also help you handle the different classes well. It’s the best strategy when you want to expand your business and cater to a wide audience range.

Have A Rewards Program

Rewards will help you keep your existing clients and attract new ones. When new members register for your classes, give them loyalty cards. Tell them they can accumulate points by engaging in different services that you offer and how it can be rewarding down the line. It’s the best way to boost perfect attendance and have them signup for more classes to build points. It also shows your clients that you value their effort and time. Ensure you are consistent with tracking points; any inconsistencies may cause distrust with customers. Ensure you give affordable rewards and be careful not to start offering free services. These are incentives to encourage attendance; they don’t have to be big, just catchy enough to keep clients glued.

Review Client’s Testimonies And Feedbacks

First of all, ensure you have a perfect website where people can review your services and book or give appointments. A good website should be mobile accessible, simple to navigate, exciting and detailed. Allow feedback and testimonies on the site or social media accounts. Some of the powerful tools you will use to market your Pilates studio will come from customers. Most people want to hear how your classes are from others before they can commit. That is why you need to provide a wholly unique experience. Ask customers for feedback and rely on the reviews to build the best services and programs. If you want further reviews on specific services, don’t shy away from emailing your clients and asking for their thoughts.

Consider Bumper Stickers And A Photo Booth

A photo booth is one marketing idea that can help your Pilates studio grow. It’s a fun experience for your customers and a great way to share client’s stories on social media. Allow the customers to take pictures with friends to make lasting memories but also help you market your studio. Include your logo on the background or at the corner of every image. Nothing gets people going like a good photo online. More people will want to share the same experience, which is how you grow your client list. Bumper stickers can also help you popularize your business, especially among the locals. Each time you get a new client, give them a sticker to place on their car. That way, whenever the customers go, your business goes as well. It’s a simple hack that can be very effective if you decide upon it. Ensure the sticker has all the crucial details like the name of your Pilates studio and address.


Maintaining a vast and loyal client base is challenging for any business. But with these five simple tips, your Pilates studio will be flouring. Customer satisfaction is also vital; ensure you are not mixing up bookings and appointments. All the clients should be attended to at the right time according to your schedule. Using fitness instructor software is the only way to ensure you stay on top of things.

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