Plan a Party Like a Pro

It can be fun to plan a party Like a Pro, but with so much to coordinate, it can be easy to forget the basics. As a guide to help you stay organised in the run up to the big event, we’ve built this party planning checklist.

Choose a Date

When planning a party, you usually have a date in mind, but if you want to hire a specific venue, it is best to check with them before agreeing on a definite date. Checking the availability of your most important guests is also a smart idea.

Build your list of guests

Draw up a guest list that takes into account the numbers you can host and the fact that some can not make it. It is also advisable to send saved date emails.

Book a venue, facilities and entertainment

As soon as possible, book venues, DJs, photographers, caterers etc, so that you don’t lose out. Don’t forget to ask your guests if they have any dietary requirements when you are catering or using a company.


Whether the party is to be a surprise or a special theme, make it clear right from the beginning as there’s nothing worse than going to a party to find it’s a formal dress and you weren’t told, and if it’s a surprise, you don’t want someone to let out the secret.

Theme parties can work well (anything from casino nights, super heros to murder mysteries and nights of the 80s), but keep in mind the likely reaction of your guests to such invites. For example, an older relative might be less than enthusiastic to dress up in school uniform.

Send out invites

The date and time, the venue address, theme / dress code and RSVP date should be included in your invitations. Once you have invited your guests, you can create a Facebook event page with images and extra info, such as helpful tips on costume ideas. Go ahead and make a shared photo album too and tell your guests to upload their pictures of the night so they can be viewed by all.

Organize the decorations

Find online themed decoration ideas that will transform your home or location. Make sure that you have enough to decorate your room, or the theme will look too sparse and ruin it. Give yourself some time to do so if you are making some decorations.

Decorate The Venue

The fun begins as your venue can now be decorated! As it will often take longer than you thought, get some friends or family to support you! Leave the balloons to inflate until a few hours before the start of the gathering. Before the party begins, don’t forget to take photos of your decorated room for fun casino.

After the party on your Facebook events tab, thank all of your guests or contact them. Be sure to write down who gave you everything so that you can later give thank you cards when you open presents.

So now your a party planning pro, so what are you waiting for? Get planning that party!