Prepare your Child for the New Academic Year

The start of a new academic year is a crucial time for both students and their parents. It’s important that you prepare your kids for the year in the right way. Here are some ways you can do that:

1. Start Developing Their Routines Early

It’s no secret that vacations completely change children’s daily routines. And it’s all fine for a couple of weeks- after all, it is their time to relax and have fun. However, if the haywire routine continues for the entire period they’re away from school, it will become extremely difficult for them to get back into a proper schedule, once schools reopen.

There is no way that your child will be able to adjust to a disciplined school-week routine immediately after their laid-back holiday timetable. You need to start preparing them a few weeks before school reopening. Creating a routine and implementing it gradually is a good idea. That way children won’t realize when they get into a disciplined routine. You can start fixing a bed time that is closer to the one they’ll have to follow once schools reopen.

You can slowly tune this time to make them go to bed at the proper time. Similarly, get them habituated to waking up at school hours by waking them early in the morning. You can also create a study timetable and ask them to follow it strictly. This will allow them to properly complete their daily homework and studies before they begin playing or get to use an electronic device.

2. Make the First Day Back a Great One

The first day of school can set the tone for the entire academic year. You should do everything you can to prepare your kid for the first day of the new academic year. The prep can’t be done in just one day.

You will have to start at least a couple of weeks prior to the reopening. Contact the school to get an accurate idea of the supplies that will be needed for the school year and especially for the first couple of weeks.

As soon as you get the list, purchase all of the items. Make sure that the things you buy are of good quality and make school work easier for your child. Make time to talk and help your child understand how they are expected to behave at school.

Talk to them about the importance of the things that they are going to be learning. These conversations will help them gear up for the upcoming lesson and will also help them do well. In case your child is going to be attending a new school, make sure that you talk about it. Your child might be feeling anxious about the new school and classmates and talking can help.  

3. Develop Study Habits for the New Academic Year

Developing good study habits are crucial for your child’s academic success. If you want them to cultivate a good study habit, you need to begin a couple of weeks before the school year starts. Otherwise, it will become difficult for them to cope with what’s going on in their class.

Designate a room where your child can study comfortably without getting disturbed. Create a timetable where they have to complete their studies before they get to spend time on any electronic device.

Another way to ensure good grades is to take help from a tutor. A good tutor can help your child study even better by giving them the one-on-one attention that is often lacking in school.

4. Help Your Child Get Organized

Being organized makes it much easier to focus on things that are important. If you develop organizational skills in your child, they will be able to manage their time better and thus, they will study effectively while finding time to do other things they like.

The best way to help them get organized is to create a to-do list. Place these lists daily where you and your child can see them. Ask them to tick off every item once it’s done. This will allow them to stay on track with their academics and other activities too.

5. Talk to Your Children

The new academic year is a time for fresh beginnings. Every child responds to it differently. Some children may get nervous at the idea of going back to school while some others may get all excited.  Therefore, before the year starts, make sure that you have a proper conversation with your child and talk about little feelings.

Let your child know that their feelings are valid and tell them that you’ll be there to support them throughout the academic year. This will give them the courage to go on and do well at school.

Follow these steps and your child will be fully prepared to ace this academic year!