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According to the CEO of Pro Marketing Trends, the print-on-demand (POD) industry will grow by around six percent in 2021. This industry is expected to generate over $200 billion in 2021. Custom t-shirt printing will continue to be a major focus of this industry. This sector alone is expected to generate thousands of jobs in 2021. With the rising unemployment rates all over the world, this would be a reprieve. 

The POD industry deals with more than just custom t-shirt printing. Many things can be custom printed, including hoodies, phone cases, mugs, and laptop cases. The purpose of the whole affair is to create something personalized. 

The T-Shirt Market Is Expected To Explode In 2021

Industry statistics indicate that over 10 billion t-shirts will be sold in 2021. With increasing disposable incomes all over the world, people will be willing to spend more on clothing. The largest market for t-shirts is millennials. This demographic particularly demands custom tees. That means that print-on-demand entrepreneurs stand to benefit. 

More Entrepreneurs to Join the Bandwagon in 2021

More entrepreneurs are expected to join the custom printing industry, especially because of Covid-19. The pandemic has meant that many people have to work from home. POD custom t-shirt printing is one of the best businesses that can be carried out online from home comfort. The barrier to entry in this industry is very low. 

Unlike a brick-and-mortar business, an investor doesn’t need to have a physical store. That is because they will not be holding any stock. 

Printify & Printful Will Still Be Market Leaders

Analysts at promarketingtrends expected a market disruption in 2021. They initially predicted that new market players might end up dislodging these two companies. However, they have revised their predictions because it is apparent that printful and printify will remain dominant in the foreseeable future.

These two companies provide a platform to people who are looking for ways to make money online. For people who have design talent Custom t-shirt printing joining any of these platforms can be a viable way of making a side income or a full-time income.

With print-on-demand services, a designer gets the opportunity to focus on what they do best; design fully. The platform will handle the rest. After coming up with a creative design, it has to be uploaded to the platform. One also has to select the desired materials and colors for t-shirts. From there on, the manufacturing and shipping will be dealt with by the service provider. 

Marketing will Be Important

With the lower barrier of entry, anyone can join the print-on-demand business and start selling t-shirts with zero stock. Therefore, to have a competitive advantage, marketing will be required. 

Having the best designs will no longer be enough. In 2021, those who will win in the custom printing business will be those people who take the step to market their products aggressively. 

Researchers at Pro Marketing Trends advise that creating an online presence is especially important in marketing. With a functional and elegant website, it will be possible to market custom-made t-shirts easily. Marketing should also be done on social media. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help the website to gain visibility, which will increase traffic. 

Quality of Designs will be a Big Issue

It can be challenging to choose between Printify and Printful. They both offer similar services. According to Pro Marketing Trends, the number one factor to consider is the quality of designs. By requesting a sample from both services, it will be possible to determine which one has the best quality.

Another important factor is customer service. It is vital to opt for a service that is reputable for customer service excellence. The POD service selected will interact with customers daily.

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