Project Management Tools Monday made our list of the most effective project management software due to its flexibility, scalability as well as its low cost and the impressive features it offers. When comparing it against other top contenders this one stands out in many of the factors that we are concerned about. But is it the right choice for you? Let’s determine that!

Compare Monday with what you think is Best Project Management Software consistently ranks high for its project management software. Alongside its ability to support a broad array of applications it is also loaded with functions. It includes collaboration tools including view of the timeline, calendar perspectives, tracking time functions as well as a myriad of integrations.

We conducted a side-by-side review of the most popular tools for managing projects in light of our experience of trying out a variety of most effective solutions. It’s not surprising that excels in those comparisons. The tools that are built-in for managing customer relations with a modern interface and the task management feature were the most notable.

No matter if you’re a freelancer, an enterprise company or something else It’s adaptable and flexible enough to suit nearly anyone.

Tuesday: The Good and The Bad

The Good

Multiple Views for Projects: gives you everything you need to visualise projects that you prefer such as Kanban, Gantt, timeline and calendar views with just one click. If you’re looking for a larger view or would like to see your daily activities in a single glance You can switch between views and then zoom in and drill down to the extent you want. The wide variety of views, which include completely customized views, provide you with all the data and details that you require about the status of your project in a single glance. This means you don’t have to be spending time searching for the information you want.

built-in time tracking: is one of the few tools for managing projects available with integrated time tracking features. The majority of project management tools include the ability to track time as an additional feature which is why getting it for cost-free (on an upgrade to the Pro plan or higher) is an incredible value. If our time-tracking as well as project management software work well together, you can get an in-depth look at how long your tasks take and the complete timeline of your projects, down to the second, as well as pinpoint the tasks that consume the most time. Users can switch the tracker on and off at a click or enter the time manually. You can even monitor time from anywhere with the mobile app with just only a few clicks. Thanks to’s automated features, you can remove repetitive tasks, such as notifying your team, or shifting cards across columns another.

robust integrations Integration of with applications and tools for business you already have can boost your processes for managing projects, and helps your team accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. By integrating the right tools that you do not need to move back and forth between different platforms. You can create workflow automations that remove repetitive administrative tasks and keep everyone on the same page in a continuous loop. Monday’s project management software is able to sync with almost everything you’ll need it to, such as Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, Shopify, Google Calendar, Gmail, Todoist, and a host of other tools.

Flexible Templates The process of establishing procedures and setting up project administration systems entirely from scratch isn’t just time-consuming, but also unneeded because of’s variety of templates that can be customized. Templates not only help you save time however, templates also help make it easier to start. provides hundreds of free templates for projects such as Portfolio tracking, group task campaigns, planning and planning for campaigns contacts management customers onboarding help desk tickets, events planning PMO projects, roadmaps for products and more. No matter if you’re managing a small project or an advanced project that have hundreds of users, provides templates that will meet your requirements.

custom automations One of the primary reasons why companies invest in software for managing projects will be the ability to simplify repetitive tasks. Most provide this functionality, which is why is no exception. However, it takes things an extra step by making its automations totally customizable and simple for all within your team to use. With just a few clicks, it’s possible to shift the task from one phase to the next, then assign the team member who will be the one to take over and notify the team by email or via Slack. Although this is only one instance, it will save lots of time and makes sure that processes are adhered to to without the hassle of performing these actions every time. The automation builder is based on basic principles, which makes it extremely easy to use even if you’ve never created automations before.

Simple to use The concept behind the project management software is to make your life easier, instead of adding another tool that your team doesn’t know how to make use of. isn’t the most user-friendly PM software, but it’s certainly not the most difficult too. In just a little over an hour you and your team will have all the information you need to know without having to rely on professional instruction. There’s a vast knowledge base that includes hundreds of videos to help you start or troubleshoot issues and bring your team up to the speed of. If you have an issue, our support team is on hand through live chat 24 hours a day.

Dashboard reporting and work load management If you’re a decision maker looking for an easier method of getting the information you need , or a supervisor who must manage the work load of your group, comes with a broad array of features to aid in both. Dashboards can be customized to your specifications and allow you to look at all the crucial information in a single glance. Do you want to see a top-level look at a project’s budget? There’s no problem. Are you looking to see the status of your project in glance? Easy. There are 15 widgets that you can build dashboards, and one that is specifically designed for the management of workloads. This widget for capacity planning offers managers instant updates on capacity that allow users to assign available resources in a matter of minutes. Additionally the users can make dashboards for public or private use depending on the people they wish to share their dashboards with.

The Bad

Limited Task Dependencies Dependencies on tasks are frequent in software for managing projects, however, we observed’s task dependencies to be limited by contrast. The only method to create them is by using dates, which makes them unusable for many applications in the real world. The dependent task will not start until the initial task is completed. Task dependency 101. The basic features included ensure that tasks are performed in the correct sequence, but there’s limited scope for customization beyond the basic functionality. Dependencies are only available in the two top tiers and are not accessible for small-sized firms or those operating on smaller budgets.

Features Limitations for certain plans: is packed with powerful features and is a highly versatile tool for managing projects, however some of the essential capabilities are only available in higher-end tiers. For instance Gantt charts, calendars and Gantt views aren’t offered for the entry-level plan even if you pay the $24 monthly fee. Other features you can’t get in the entry-level plan are time tracking private boards, automated systems dependents, formulas, or even integrated features. In other tools, these are features that you do not have to buy and therefore, feature limitations aren’t a problem with’s basic plan. is loaded with options and features. But, you’ll have to upgrade your plan in order to get the most benefit by these capabilities. For instance Gantt charts and timeline views aren’t accessible on the base plan. To gain access to time tracking and Private boards, users will have upgrade to the third level. This is a common structure in the world of project management software However, it isn’t the only one.

Poor Support Although is user-friendly and provides 24/7 support however, some users have complained that the response time isn’t fast enough. According to the site Monday’s support staff respond in just under one hour. However, in this time and age, the majority people would like live chat support to respond quicker. The wait for an hour to get an answer could be painful. You may have better luck going to the knowledge base in case you’re looking for a quick resolution. Project Management Pricing and Options Pricing offers a plan for companies of all sizes as well as requirements for managing projects. There are four options to select from: Basic Pro, Enterprise, and Standard.

Here’s a summary of the prices that are the starting point for every plan:

In general, is a very reasonable price. We’ve come across project management tools that are available, that cost as low as $20. On average, most tools start below $10 per user per month. Therefore, is in the same ballpark.

For the prices shown above, you’ll have to enroll for annual billing. The annual billing cycle is 18% lower than month-to month rates.

If you’re just beginning or have complex needs for project management, has an option for every person.

Make sure that you are aware of the features that are available at each level. Certain plans are more restrictive than others. We’ll look at each plan in more detail below to aid you in making an informed choice.

No matter what plan you’re looking at, you are able to test for project management for free by registering for the 14-day trial. The trial for free includes unlimited boards and users. There’s no credit card is required. Basic

Monday Basic is a basic project management software. It’s an ideal starting point for smaller teams who are trying to get their feet on the ground.

From $8 per user monthly, the service is a good deal considering that you have unlimited boards and more than 200 templates. Also, you’ll get unlimited free viewers, users with access only to read-only information on the account. You can therefore get the amount of eyeballs you require to give your project feedback or to determine the next steps.

The Basic package allows you to make a dashboard that is based on one board. Here’s an example of how this dashboard could appear like:

However, they are more effective when you are able to pull data from several boards. If your team uses multiple boards to oversee one or more projects This feature is sort of pointless.

The plan is able to provide whiteboard collaboration, documents embedded sharing forms, customized notifications, and much more. It doesn’t have any integrations. There’s no access to time-line views, Gantt chart views, charts and time tracking, either.

While it’s an excellent start The Basic strategy is more like an eye-opener. Many users will find it to be a little restrictive for use in business. For functionality it’s not the most efficient starting point for project management currently available. You’ll have to upgrade in order to gain the maximum benefit from Standard

Standard Plan: The Standard Plan is’s most popular plan. It also comes with tools and methods to visualize projects beyond what is required for basic use.

If you choose Standard plan Standard package, users will gain with timelines, Gantt chart views, and calendar views.

It also supports integrations from third parties with up to 250 steps per month, and automated for up to 250 actions per month. Standard allows you to create a dashboard using information from five different boards. This is certainly an improvement over the basic level. The Standard package includes guest access too. Four guests can be billed as a single seat. This means you are able to recruit individuals from outside of your organization to oversee projects.

This option will accomplish the task for the majority of users. However, larger teams that want to fully benefit from the integrations and automation can discover the 250-action per month limit their options. Pro Pro is an excellent choice for larger teams or for anyone who needs to manage complicated workflows. It’s not as restrictive in regards to automated workflows as well as integrations.

The number of actions per month for integrations and automations rise up to 25,000 per month. The majority of organizations will not come even close to that. It’s definitely an upgrade from the 250 that comes in Standard. Standard package.

The Pro plan comes with charts as well. With charts, you’ll be able to view the details of the performance and workflow. Charts can show the project managers and executives how team members work their tasks, the speed at which the tasks are accomplished and how the information is changing in time. It’s an effective method of managing projects at a high level by gaining a broad view.

Another major benefit that is part of The Pro plan is the ability to manage your team’s workload with greater control.

This feature displays managers in live data on the current capacity of every person in a team. It is easy to see the number of users who are in capacity and which are able to take on additional tasks.

The Pro package also supports private boards, too. The boards are visible only to team managers and any team participants are invited. Board administrators can be added as well, but this isn’t a possibility for either the Standard or Basic plans. Standard plans. Pro allows unlimited guests and keeps the log of activities for a year.

In the end, it’s probably the best option for most companies. We recommend with the greatest certainty. You’re likely to not encounter any restrictions or limitations at level Pro level. At just $16 per user for a month, it’s an excellent price, too. Enterprise

The name suggests, Enterprise is built for larger companies with more complex requirements. It comes with enterprise-grade automations and integrations, and also top-of-the-line security and governance.

The software allows advanced reporting, multi-level authorizations as well. If you have the Enterprise account, you are able to create a dashboard by combining information with up 50 boards.

Limits on monthly action for automation and integrations increase to 250,000 when they reach this level.

Enterprise customers benefit from personalized onboarding. You’ll have a dedicated customer success manager. You’ll also receive Monday’s 99.9 percent uptime SLA.

The truth is that the vast majority of teams do not require these kinds of tools. However, it’s good to know that they’re readily available for larger companies with more complicated requirements and sophisticated security needs.

Call’s sales team. Sales team to request a customized Enterprise estimate to begin.

Testimonials about the Best Project Management Software

We’ve compiled our top selections of the most effective tools for managing projects to find out how compares to other top choices in the market. We’ll guide you through each of our suggestions: advantages, tradeoffs, pricing and the best way you can sign-up.

Monday’s tool for managing projects is most famous for its flexibility. It’s among the most sought-after tools for managing projects currently available and we’re able be confident in recommending it. With the low-cost plans and the robust features, it’s difficult for you to locate a more effective choice for managing projects for sales teams, and many other departments.