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Pros And Cons Of Instagram You Should Know

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Instagram, launched in 2010, was made to access only iOS users, but as it gained popularity, it presented to Android users in 2012. The popular video-sharing app has gained popularity over the years. And, currently used by 800 million users around the planet.

The visual sharing app is a social networking site, SEO optimized, is used for free. It might widely be held among all the social media users, but quite a few numbers of people aren’t accustomed to its name.

In the present world, young children tend to use social media apps to feel in it and trendy. Some pros and cons of Instagram are listed below:

Pros of Instagram:

Are you ready to deep dive into the pros of the Instagram account? If yes, let’s explore them now.

Extended reach:

Instagram is the perfect community for an extended reach according to Conexa. Several people use Instagram for a wide audience to engage with and pitch your services. The engagement factor drives all people from the world to Instagram, despite the availability of other platforms.

Visual medium:

Instagram is all about sharing pictures, from sharing your new haircut and dress to cuisine and location, there is nothing you can’t reveal to the world. Furthermore, the accessibility to filters makes it a more beautiful experience if the medium is SEO optimized or you have opted for video editing software.

Effective Promotion:

The app is introduced as a way to connect with others. But, today works promptly as a marketing strategy. The struggling and established brands standby their Instagram pages for showcasing their products or services.

Moreover, other than brand pages, models, and artists showcase their talent and skills to catch eyeballs to gain followers. You can also opt for video editing software to enhance beauty.

Great for travelers:

Even though it wasn’t designed for travelers, it has emerged as a hub for travelers. The geo-tagging feature of the app functions smoothly, allowing you to add the location of pictures. Moreover, you can also view images of other people who have visited these locations.


As compared to other platforms, Instagram takes privacy settings seriously. There is no option to download pictures, but you can save it, which to notifies the account. No such means are available to bypass privacy settings.

Cons of Instagram:

With all the sugary benefits of the application, there are some sour cons, which you might keep in mind while using Instagram.

Repeated ads:

Excess of everything is regretful, and this is true in this case. The paid or sponsored ad that tends to appear after every 4 or 5 posts frustrates the user. Apparently, from companies to individuals, everyone pays some bucks to promote themselves. And it shouldn’t be a bad thing, but it is when ads appear every two seconds.

The need for a fake life:

The negative aspect seen after the popularity of the photo-sharing app was the sudden outburst of teen celebs. They gained popularity overnight for something that went viral, gathering zillions of followers.

In turn, it creates a craving in every other heart to become famous. People tend to opt for fake profiles to get celebrated. Validation and fame are highly toxic, and teenagers are the most affected ones.

Moreover, termed as a highly-addictive app, people (teenagers) are glued to it. Even those who don’t seek validation by uploading pictures spend their entire day viewing photos of others. In both cases, it is a terrible act of waste of time.

Website access:

The website access to Instagram is terrible. If you have ever used it, you might be well-aware that it lacks vital features too. The application keeps the users close and doesn’t pay much heed to the site.

However, it might roll out some features on its sites such as stories and others, but we cannot expect it to turn up anytime soon.

It is an undeniable fact that Instagram is a great app, but caution has to be exercised while using it. You might also be interested in knowing how to use Instagram to make money. Also, if you are aware of negative impacts, Instagram is a notable app to kill time.

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