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Texas is still benefiting from interstate migration, with property prices remaining consistent. It’s because of this robust property market that Texas homeowners can opt-out of using a traditional real estate agent and, instead, use discount real estate brokers Texas sellers are having great success using or choosing to list with a flat fee MLS Texas homeowners can access.

Either option is an excellent choice to forego the 6 percent real estate agent commission, allowing you to pocket most of the profits.

5 Discount Real Estate Brokers Texas Homeowners Should Know About

It doesn’t make much financial sense to use a traditional full-service agent when you can get the same service at a more cost-effective rate, and in Texas’ real estate market — where homes sell in 20 days or less –there’s enough demand to ensure you get a serious buyer but without paying six percent in commission to close the deal.

Listing Spark

On Listing Spark, you have control of your pricing. They combine many of the services offered by flat fee MLSs but add the benefit of a real estate agent to the equation by providing unique marketing services to get your home sold faster.

If you decide to list on Listing Spark, you’ll get:

  • Free HD photographs of your property
  • Lockbox and For Sale Sign
  • Remote closing
  • Syndication to 1000’s websites
  • Automated marketing

They offer these services for $7 a day or a 0.5% commission at closing.


Clever enables you to negotiate with “top agents” and settle on a fee of just $3,000 or 1 percent. Unlike Listing Spark, Clever gives you access to discount real estate brokers Texas homeowners can use because all the agents on their platform are full-service agents.

However, not every agent using Clever will agree to these low rates, which means it’s your responsibility to confirm with an agent that the 1 percent commission is something they’re happy earning.

Remember, in addition to the 1 percent listing agent commission, you will have to pay a buyer’s agent commission, typically 2 percent.

Simple Showing

Simple Showing is another one of the discount real estate brokers Texas homeowners can use to list their homes for only a 1 percent listing fee. This means that when selling a $350,000 home, you’ll save $7,000 on commissions. Although the 1 percent listing fee is attractive, your agent is in charge of determining how much the buyer agent gets, which according to Simple Showing’s own admission, is usually 3 percent.

Therefore at closing, you’re relinquishing 4 percent in commission rather than 3 percent using other services.

Nevertheless, Simply Showing does combine the best a full-service agent offers with the convenience of a flat fee MLS by providing services like:

  • Free home valuation
  • Professional photographs
  • Circulation to your local MLS and dozens of real estate websites
  • A full-service real estate agent


Redfin partners with local agents willing to discount their real estate commission, so you can pay a 1 percent listing fee.

However, you can only access this 1 percent listing fee if you also buy a home using Redfin; otherwise, you’ll pay a 1.5 percent listing fee.

If you decide to buy a home using Redfin, you’ll have to wait for them to mail you a check for the 0.5 percent difference you’ve paid at closing.

Besides that, working with a Redfin agent is similar to working with any full-service real estate agent. They’ll provide support and insight every step of the way.


Houzeo isn’t a discount real estate brokerage. But if you’re eager to spend less at closing Houzeo is going to be your favorite option on this list. This flat fee MLS Texas homeowners can access charges $349 upfront to syndicate your property on your local MLS, and websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, and Redfin.

You can also get assistance with the closing for $150 more and a virtual full-service broker for an additional $999. Most Texas homeowners prefer this option as they save far more than they would, paying a 1 percent full-service broker.

But Houzeo’s most sought-after benefit isn’t it’s cost-effective pricing but also its feature that enables homeowners to determine how much they pay the buyer’s agent, meaning the opportunity to save is endless.

Texas remains one of the few states where the average number of days on market is under 30 days. This shows the kind of demand there is for property in the lone star state, it’s also proof that a traditional real estate agent isn’t necessary to sell your home quickly or at fair market value. Do check out Houzeo reviews for more information.