real estate lead management tactics

Real estate agents need to find creative ways to nurture their existing clients and get new ones. New and seasoned agents can use several tried-and-true techniques, and it is a good idea to mix in new technology or other methods to help you continually refresh your database. Here are six real estate lead management tactics to work into your business.

1. Open House

Holding an open house is a traditional method of finding buyers. The trick to making an open house a success is lots of pre-planning. Take the time to market it well ahead of time by using free advertising sites available on the internet, mail postcards, and doorknock the neighborhood.

Arrive early and set out a sign-in sheet or tablet so that visitors can leave you their contact information, and put out plenty of corner directionals. These street signs will capture curious drivers.

2. Expired Listings

Not all homes will sell, and agents can tap into this field with a daily action plan. First thing in the morning, check the MLS for the expired listings, and if you have a viable phone number, give them a call and ask them if they are still interested in selling. If there is no contact number, send them a letter with a premade template.

Once automated, this will not take long. Be sure to follow up with these homeowners because they might not be immediately ready. A real estate lead management system, such as DealMachine, can make this task easier.

3. Become a Neighborhood Expert

This work involves getting to know specific subdivisions or areas and getting your face in front of homeowners who live there. To become a neighborhood expert, you should carefully track all sales, pending, and closings in the selected region.

Consider sending out a monthly newsletter that includes these statistics and a short article related to the community. Hold an open house in the area and create a website for that particular zip code. You should post regular content on the site, such as school events or church functions.

4. Past Clients

Once you have a few sales under your belt, stay in touch with those clients. Call them, send them a helpful email, or take them out for coffee. These people could become your greatest advocate because they know your work ethic. They might refer you to their friends, family, and coworkers, but it is your responsibility to stay in contact with them.

5. Hold a Workshop

Put together a free community event. You can educate first-time homebuyers on the buying process or teach people what to look for in investment properties. Ask a loan officer if they would like to participate. The two of you can create branded material and work the leads together.

6. Leverage the Web

There are plenty of websites that allow agents to advertise themselves. Some are free, or you might try purchasing some ad space. On some sites, agents can contribute articles or answer questions. Be sure to develop a strong presence on social media.

Using these six ideas and an action plan can create a solid foundation for an agent to build off of. After all of your work, it is important to keep track of your buyers, sellers, and potential clients. Agents can do this with a real estate lead management portal.