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Owning a rental property in a prime location may seem like an instant income boost, but you’ll need the right tools to take full advantage of its revenue potential. Rental platforms like Airbnb make it easier than ever for property owners to rent out their spaces and manage their bookings, but hosts can still make use of a few tips and tricks to better market their listings and maximize their profits.

Keep reading for some Airbnb strategies that will make your rental stand out in a crowded market and make you more money.

Property Hunt the Right Way

If you’re at the very beginning of the rental property process, you can start out right by choosing the perfect property. Don’t just jump on any available property–take the time to think about your ideal location, features, and amenities. Buy a property that suits the rental strategy and investment goals that you’ve developed.

Once you’ve narrowed down your ideal location and selected some potential properties, you can use a tool to see the projected value of your Airbnb investment. You can compare the property’s stats with local competitors, view the market’s history and current trends, and see how the average occupancy and fee rates compare to your goals.

If you find a winner based on these projects, you’ll have a much easier time perfecting your marketing strategy and–in turn–make higher profits.

Give Your Space (and Your Listing) a Makeover

Now that you have an idea of your property’s value in relation to other Airbnb listings and market information, you can focus on maximizing its appeal to prospective guests. To start, you can put some time and money into making the property look attractive and inviting and invest in professional photographs for your listing.

When you put effort into representing your space well, guests will be more willing to pay premium nightly rates.

Focus on Functionality

Alternatively, you can focus on accommodating a variety of different guests in your space. Ensure that your rental can sleep plenty of guests to encourage larger parties to book it, making you more money per stay. Since your rental is used differently than a primary residence would be, you can even convert unconventional spaces into more rooms.

To sell your property’s functionality, highlight amenities that would appeal to traveling families like a washing machine, swimming pool access, or fun media options. Accommodating for larger parties could in turn encourage longer stays, earning you even more money.

You can also market your rental to working travelers by offering a nice office space with full utilities or to guests with pets, widening your potential renter pool significantly. You may also be able to charge extra fees for bringing animals along. If you are hospitable to many different types of guests, your reviews will reflect the versatility of your space and encourage more people to choose your listing.

Be Flexible with Pricing

One of the best ways to ensure that your property is consistently booked and turning a profit is to change your rates according to seasonal trends, market availability, and demand. Airbnb rentals already boast flexible pricing that is great for catering to hosts’ needs, but you need to know the best strategies for price shifts to maximize your profits and bookings.

For instance, most vacation spots have off-seasons. If your rental suffers during those periods, drop your nightly rates to make your property more attractive to the slim number of guests searching for places in the area.

In contrast, you can take advantage of periods of high traffic by boosting your rates higher. When the demand for rentals is high, you can ask your guests to pay more and still get consistent bookings. Knowing when to raise and drop your rates will change your whole Airbnb experience.

Be mindful of these tips and strategies as you search for ways to make the most out of your Airbnb rental. Smart buying techniques, savvy marketing, hospitality, and flexible pricing are key to ensuring that your investment is successful.