residential roofing

Have you ever thought what the toughest task related to your house? Oh no, not managing finances for it; a task that is an imperative after you have obtained a house in your ownership. Maintaining it.

Repairs and maintenance of the houses is a critical factor in ensuring that you live in them safely and rather long; residential roofing being one of the key areas. It isn’t as easy as it might sound especially if you do not make a routine out of the maintenance tasks, an irregular schedule would only give you more trouble than ease in the long term.

Can I pick and choose roofing type?

Of course you may, hence the need to know what option you have. Another reason, a legitimate one too, is so that you know why the tips we share later in the article has to be a center of attention for all homemakers who are ready to engage in a project related to roofing or re-roofing of your residence.

  1. You have an open choice to pick the roof shape you fancy. Based on how much slope fits the rest of the architecture, the space you wish to dedicate to the design of the roofing in order to install necessary amount of firewalls in the structure. Consider the climatic conditions in your residential area; better have a steeper slope if it snows too.
  2. Roofing materials can be of your own choice too. From traditional asphalt coated shingles to metal or modern tiles, the options are open for choice. You may even like to go green and opt for a solar panel roofing to save on those electricity bills alongside too.

Taking care of your roofing

Now that you know a bit about the usual types and materials used for roofing, it would make sense to read through all the practical tips we are here to share with you


While material quality is at the heart of a sound roofing, coupled with poor workmanship, the results are compromised life of any residential metal roofing or even any other basic type. Caulking is not just a filling to keep the roofing elements together but also a sealant what would protect the foundation against water during rains or any climatic or natural factors that might weaken the setup.

Inspect and fill it as soon as there is considerable cracking, ensuring that the filling is done well and with sufficient caulk is the key.

Keeping it all clean

Not many might tell you to keep all trees around your house all nicely trimmed. That would keep your residence tidy and also protect against any possible damage that a fall out may cause to your roof. Even more important is to maintain the cleanliness and de-clogging of drains and gutters meant for the rain water. Any blocked gutter and resultant mass of water seeping into your walls and roof is synonymous to calling in trouble.

Ventilation & insulation

If you are living in a region prone to heavy snowfalls, better check that insulation you got. An ice dam in the attic can be sole reason for damage to the roofing due to excessive moisture.

Professional help for repairs

Think you can handle it DIY? Think again, a few extra bucks and you can easily get professional service and expert treatment for the house from residential roofing contractors. You have to agree, no matter how neat you are with managing small scale repairs, only a professional can give you residential re-roofing services that are reliable and worth every penny spent.

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We cannot stress enough on the importance of running routine inspections of the roofing installed in your house. After all, the house you bought to make into a home is worth every ounce of effort and every second of time you spend looking after it. That said, even when going for professional help with repairs or renovations, look for the contractor’s experience, customer reviews, technical soundness and of course fairness of the price he is charging you.

Let us know if these tips helped you.