Rope Chain Is a Must-Have for Your Outfit

If there’s a need to name one jewelry item that has to be present in every jewelry box, how likely is it that’s going to be a chain? Of course, the probability of that answer is not 100%, but it’s rather high. I’m quite certain that a chain necklace will be at your top 3 jewelry list. The reason is understandable, the chain has become a must-have jewelry long ago because it deserved people’s trust and love. The diversity of chain designs and the reliability and practicality of chain necklaces has made it the fundamental part of the modern look. But what exactly made us state that the style that every person needs is the rope chain?

Rope chain is the style of a necklace that is constructed of numerous tiny links connected together in a form twisted in a spiral way of threads and visually resembles a rope. This design is not complicated and has taken its place among the classic chains quite a while ago. But it possesses few features that make the chain unbeatable. Thanks to the frame of the chain it has the flexibility that is able to catch the eye and hypnotize, repeating the movements of the wearer and endowing them with additional charm. The rope also has another trick in its possession. Due to the fact that every link is well polished, they gain a special shine making the whole chain emit the sparkling brilliance. That is how a seemingly plain rope chain has become one of the basic styles that are able to complete almost every image.

But that wasn’t due to all those reasons that the chain entered mainstream fashion. Just like some other popular chain styles, rope chain has gained its fame because of hip-hop culture. Run D.M.C. and Eric B.& Rakim were the rappers who popularized the style in the 1980s. Since then the demand for the rope chain has been growing along with its thickness. It became the reason for a fierce competition amonrap celebs, resulting in quite a few world records in price and weight.C:\Users\Тома\Downloads\pexels-woodysmedia-4809405.jpg

It’s interesting how such an intricate chain has become a favorite among rappers. First, the rope chain is exceptionally strong. It comes from its structure, where the links are put tightly together to ensure durability. The chains with the setting where numerous links secure each other are less likely to break, even if one of the links gets broken or damaged. And the essential criterion for the rap jewelry is the strength, as the necklace, not humble on its own, should be able to hold pendants and medallions up to several kilos. Second, rap jewelry is mostly the bling trinkets. The shinier the item the better, that’s why they’re often iced-out. But the rope chain is shiny on its own which draws attention of the audience easily. Third, when made in thick width, the rope chain becomes a statement jewelry perfect to show off the amount of gold the rapper can afford, the clear marker of his wealth and success. So, if your purpose is to pay homage to the rap culture of the 80s, the rope chain may just be the necklace for you.

Rope chains have the vast choice of materials to be made of. Gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, platinum… The selection of gold can also enliven the rope chain with classic yellow color, white and rose colors. A very trendy idea is the combination of all three colors of gold within one rope chain, the design of which makes this look even more appealing than it can possibly be in any other piece. As to the purity of gold, the most common choices are 14k and 18k. 

But you should be careful while buying a gold rope chain. How high is the chance that you can tell real gold vs fake gold? That’s why you’d better buy your jewelry from a respectable trustworthy seller but even then remember to at least check the hallmark carefully.

    We’ve talked about the overall advantages of the rope chains, but the aim was actually to analyze why this necklace is a must-have for your outfit. There’s one thing that makes the main plus of the chain necklace in general and a rope chain in particular. It is capable of matching every outfit, all you need to do is to style it right.C:\Users\Тома\Downloads\pexels-melike-benli-12194337(1).jpg

 If you go for a business look with a shirt or a classic blouse, you should know that their collar prefers a chain of mid-length completed by a delicate pendant. To the casual clothing or the one that resonates with hip-hop culture with a plain or oversized T-shirt it’s better to add a massive rope chain or consider a layered look with several necklaces of different chain styles. This will add an interesting texture to the image. Some large pendants are more than welcome here. The outfits with oval necklines like when the necklaces repeat their shape, so it’ll look harmonious if you opt for the thick and short rope chain. The square shape necklines will make more impression in combination of a delicate and elegant rope chain with a laconic pendant. The best strategy here is to play on a style contrast, where plainclothes create the win-win duet with the noticeable rope chain and maybe some intricate pendant, or vice versa, exquisite outfit with a delicate thin chain. The color of the outfit also matters. Dark clothes create a perfect contrast with the jewelry made in classic yellow gold. White gold and silver rope chains look good with the majority of colors, but sophisticated rose gold prefers light colors of clothing. 

    Some may wonder who the rope chain is more suited for, men or women. The style is in fact unisex. For men a rope chain style has become one of the favorite options to choose from. It looks bold enough even for rappers to wear, as it highlights the masculine traits and emphasizes status and wealth. Women prefer more delicate variations of the rope chain that add elegance and sophistication to the looks. The mesmerizing movement and exceptional shine of the necklace win the hearts of the ladies easily. 

    After all we’ve mentioned, it should hard to think of another chain except for the rope to rightfully become a must-have in your jewelry collection. Though, coming from the 1980s it still remains more than popular and shows no signs of leaving anywhere from a fashion industry. The benefits the rope chain provides, such as extreme durability, unique look, distinguishable shine, unisex style and the design that suits every outfit, have made the necklace into the undying classic. The reasons you’re choosing the rope chain may be different, either you’re paying homage to the iconic rappers of the 80s, or you’re simply into the way the necklace looks, it doesn’t matter much as long as you like the way it feels on your neck. The rope chain is definitely the jewelry that will serve you a lifetime and will fit your outfit regardless of how the fashion market changes and what clothes are trendy at a specific time.