Speed Up a Slow System

Months and years go by, and then comes the day of the nervous breakdown: your PC is slowed down to a crawl!

In fact, it’s happened to all of us: all of a sudden, after downloading and installing everything and anything, your PC becomes saturated and tells you that the free space on your hard drive is running out and that you need to seriously think about cleaning up your files. Yes, but here’s the thing: faced with the immensity of the task, how can you free up space and boost your pc efficiently and quickly? So take a deep breath and read the complete blog.

Tips to Free Up Storage Space & Speed Up a Slow Computer:

There are several reasons why your laptop may become progressively slower. So, you want to know how to boost your PC? This little practical guide will address the most effective tips to stop the natural slowdown of your computer.

Free Up the Hard Drive Space or Replace It

To boost your pc, you will need to make more space on your hard disk, because the accumulation of large files and programs slows it down. So, you will have to uninstall all those programs you are not using in order to improve the performance of the pc. Also, remove large and unnecessary documents.

It is also possible to boost your computer by replacing the hard disk with an SSD disk. This is very effective for boosting a PC. Instead of thinking about changing your device, you could solve the problem by simply installing a new hard drive. Equipped with flash memory, the SSD is stronger and much faster than a hard drive.

Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate files take up unnecessary space on your hard drive. Apart from redundancies for your backups, most duplicate files can be removed.

By downloading, copying, and archiving files on your hard drive, you probably have several copies of the same documents, music, videos, or other files on your computer. These files unnecessarily consume space on your hard drive.

With the Best Duplicate Photo Remover, you can automatically scan your hard drives for duplicate files. To do this, the software can base itself on an analysis of the contents of the files, the name of the files, their sizes, but also the tags.

Solve Your Driver and Hardware Issues

All too often, the slowness of your PC will be caused by hardware problems. For example, if your CPU is not cooled properly, it will run slower to avoid overheating, depriving you of better performance. Bad drivers for your hardware can be just as damaging, especially video drivers. In order to boost your PC properly, you must make sure that all drivers are up to date.

Add Random Access Memory

Your computer’s memory, called “random access memory”, is used to store and process information that will be used by your applications. The speed at which this information is processed depends on the number of GB of RAM installed in your PC. Today, in 2020, it is advisable to have a minimum of 8GB of random-access memory (RAM) in your computer, so that the applications you run on your PC can process information quickly and increase its responsiveness and performance.

Therefore, with time, applications, video games, but also Windows systems, become more and more powerful and also resource-intensive. The addition of random-access memory (RAM), allows you to keep up with this demand for resources and will make your applications (and your Windows system) much more powerful and responsive.

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Get Rid of Malicious Programs

When choosing which applications to open at startup, you may have noticed some programs that you don’t know about or have never installed. There may be malicious programs attacking your computer. To uninstall them, you will need to download and install well-known software such as CCleaner.

This cleaning step with CCleaner is just the beginning of your big cleanup. In fact, if the software available with CCleaner unnecessarily slows down your machine, it is far from being the most dangerous or harmful. Spyware and malware that spy on you must also be meticulously tracked down and removed.

To do so, you need to get the right software. This will allow you to track down the malware that has gotten into your machine. Once a meticulous scan has been done, you will only have to remove any malware you find.

Clean Your Web Browser

Web browsers are prime targets for malware and other malicious software. Indeed, they are particularly vulnerable to all these types of attacks. If your browser is very slow, toolbars appear without you having asked for them, advertisements pop up for no reason, or your default search engine changes itself, then your browser is most likely to be infested.

To solve this problem quickly, you can use a cleaning software adapted to this kind of problem to remove the add-ons that could be responsible. You can also go through the browser’s add-on manager, but a reluctant malware won’t let you do that. In this case, all you have to do is restore the browser’s default settings. If this still does not work, uninstall the browser and download it again.

Boost your Windows PC start-up time

Windows computers are always slow to boot. Why is this? Because they start a lot more software and components. However, over time, some software may start up without really asking your opinion, or very discreetly.

If you want to improve the performance and speed of your computer, you’ll have to start by limiting the impact of the boot process. To do so, go to the task manager, then disable all applications that are of no use to you at start-up.

Empty the Recycle Bin

Deleting files by sending them to the Windows Recycle Bin is not enough to free up space on your hard drive. If the Recycle Bin is not emptied, the deleted items remain stored there and can be restored if needed.

To permanently delete these files, and free up space on the storage of your machine, it is therefore imperative to think from time to time to empty the recycle bin.

For the more headstrong, it is possible to automate the emptying of the recycle bin at regular intervals, without you having to worry about anything.


That was it! Here are some tips to free up storage space &Speed Up a Slow System. We clearly know that we couldn’t quote them all, so please feel free to share your opinions and suggestions in the comments.