Sports Ground Fencing

There have been a lot of advancements in the modern world when it comes to sports ground pitches, and today’s venues boast state-of-the-art designs and other features that have contributed to the advancement of sports as we know it. A lot of us have already taken advantage of these changes, yet there is still so much to look forward to in British sports. But whether you would like to build a new football pitch or replace an old tennis court with a new one, or would like to install a new multiple-use games area for your college, the prime consideration should always be the safety of your players, your spectators, and even the safety of your equipment. Therefore, it’s imperative to find just the right match when it comes to your fencing and your sport, and if you find the right match, you could gain not just security but also cost and maintenance and insurance. So what are your criteria when selecting sports ground fencing? Here, your top questions are answered: what to look for.

The criteria

  • The venue

Although sports ground fencing may look quite similar, they’re far from it. Different models will vary depending on the application. So it’s essential to select a fence that can adapt to your venue’s needs. For instance – fencing for a tennis court is pretty straightforward and simple, and most models will serve as adequate protection for both the players and the spectators. But if you are looking to build a professional-style football pitch, you may have more complex demands. For example, during the first stages of planning, you should think about the fencing’s strength to protect spectators from the ball’s impact and ensure a high level of visibility. It should also provide players with ample access and adapt to your venue’s exact needs.

  • Resistance to vandalism and theft

In addition to providing your venue with adequate cover, you may want to consider its resistance to vandalism and theft plus its resistance to animal or wildlife infiltration. There shouldn’t be any risk of harm to players when unauthorised people enter the venue. However, you should also assess the likelihood of wildlife gaining access to the space. You can construct additional barriers to prohibit animals from entering, as explained by RTC Fencing.

  • Visual display

Another criterion you may want to think about is the venue’s visual display. As we all know, you may benefit from the increased promotion of your sports, and you can advertise each game with suitable fencing. Your chosen fencing contractor can present you with different options, from welded mesh wire to chain link and more. As mentioned, RTC Fencing can give you suggestions on what fence to use if you want to increase your revenue, and you can visit their website to check what those options are.

The kinds of systems on offer You have many options once you have decided on your basic requirements. For instance, you can opt for MUGA fencing if you plan to play a wide variety of sports on your grounds. You have the option of chain link fencing for tennis courts, but if you want something more durable, you can go for welded mesh systems. The system is visible and resistant to vandalism, which is essential for outdoor venues.