Tattoo Removal in Austin

Regrettable tattoos end up being a source of frustration and stress. For a pretty long time, all that a tattoo removal treatment can do was to make the ink fade. However, thanks to modern technology, tattoos have become a lot less permanent. And, at present, PicoWay laser happens to be the most promising choice on the market for all kinds of permanent tattoo removal.

The PicoWay laser refers to a non-invasive technique that focuses on your safety and comfort. It ensures a more effective, less painful tattoo removal solution that is able to take out even the most notorious to remove colors like green and blue.

So, are you planning to remove your tattoo? Have you been hearing about all the good that PicoWay can do for you? Here’s what you can expect when you go for the laser treatment by PicoWay.

How Exactly Does PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

The thing about PicoWay laser is that it offers short pulse durations and high peak power to the site of treatment. It triggers a photoacoustic, non-thermal impact on the skin that addresses the particles on deep dermal levels to shatter ink pigments present below the skin surface. As such, PicoWay is used nowadays to treat several benign lesions and remove tattoos.

Also, the PicoWay stimulates the natural collagen produced in the body, which adds to the overall improvement of the skin appearance. In fact, PicoWay is also relied upon as an anti-ageing therapy to tone the skin and maintain a supple and youthful appearance.

Is PicoWay Laser Different From Any Other Method of Tattoo Removal?

There are two main reasons why PicoWay gets preferred over other methods of tattoo removal, and they are comfort and efficiency.

The fact is that PicoWay is highly powerful and potent when compared to similar options for tattoo removal. The reason why tattoos are so hard to get rid of is because the size of those ink particles are too big for your body to remove them naturally. PicoWay laser focuses on shattering the ink into the smallest particles that are easier for the body to absorb and expel.

In addition to that, you will have to keep in mind that regardless of how much a tattoo is regretted, many people do not go for a removal just because they are scared of the pain. The short pulse durations of PicoWay are meant to reduce pain, which makes it one of the most comfortable choices for removing a tattoo.

What to Expect During PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal?

First off, the technician will take a look at your tattooed area to get an idea of the work that is to be done. Then, as the process of removal starts, the technician will put a numbing agent to make sure you remain comfortable through the process. They will put the PicoWay handpiece over the tattooed area to shatter the ink.

A session usually lasts for about ten to fifteen minutes, though they can go on longer for more colorful or larger tattoos. Now, PicoWay is a lot more comfortable than the usual laser tattoo removal techniques used. But you might feel a bit of discomfort in the process. In any case, you will only experience a mild pain.

However, if your pain tolerance is extremely low, tell that to your technician beforehand. They might look for ways that will help you manage the discomfort more effectively.

What Does Recovery Feel Like After PicoWay Laser?

Typically, recovery after tattoo removal is mild. As a matter of fact, it’s a lot like recovering after getting a tattoo. In the initial days after the removal, you’ll face a bit of mild pain. Your technician might advise you to wear the bandage over that sensitive area for two to three days.

The pain is manageable using over-the-counter creams and medications. Also, you can resort to a cold compress and soothe that area. All kinds of discomfort will subside in a week.

The technician in an Austin laser tattoo removal clinic might also suggest any antibiotic ointment. Remember not to touch the site of treatment for the initial days and just apply the products that are recommended. It is also necessary to avoid direct sun exposure when you are healing.

You can choose to take the day off after going for the PicoWay laser tattoo removal treatment. There is nothing to worry because you’ll be able to get back to work as usual on the next day. But individual recovery times are not the same. So, remember to ask the technician about a possible timeline.

The risk of side-effects is low in PicoWay. A few patients might get redness, purplish spots, and swelling, but it all clears up gradually on its own. But remember to contact your technician if the issues aren’t resolved.

What is the Total Number of Treatment Sessions Needed?

The number of treatment sessions you will need depends on the color and size of the tattoo. Most patients need to go through three or four sessions. But the larger tattoos – or the ones with vivid colors like green and blue – might need more sessions. On the other hand, smaller tattoos might be removed in just one session.

The Best Tattoo Removal in Austin, TX

Regrettable tattoos can be a major cause of distress, though modern treatments and a good tattoo removal clinic can give you hope. Since you are already aware of how effective PicoWay is, the next thing is to look for a clinic that uses this laser treatment under highly skilled technicians. And a good choice for that is Removery – a specialized center that focuses on getting all kinds of tattoos removed through PicoWay laser treatment.

You can get in touch with the clinic and go in for the first appointment right away. Let the technician have a look at your tattoo and explain the process to make you more comfortable and relaxed. And, after that, under the careful and expert hands of the technician, you can bid goodbye to your tattoo forever.