Best Logos

You may not realize how much legwork your logo is supposed to do for you. From standing out and making a memorable impact to conveying your company values, that one little graphic holds a lot of weight.

Designing a logo can come with a lot of pressure. How do you know if you’ve picked the right color scheme, the right imagery, and the right font?

Let’s talk about the brands who knocked it out of the park so you can get a sense of what makes a good logo.

Read on to find out about the best logos of all time.


The Nike swoosh is one of the most memorable logos in branding history. When Nike first started using the swoosh, they accompanied it with their company name. Now, all we need to see is that swoosh to know that it’s Nike.

Why is this a good logo? That image makes us think of motion, athleticism, and strength. It conveys the emotion and movement of running, which is one of the many things you can do while wearing Nike products.


Apple isn’t just ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Apple has been ahead of the curve because they’ve always understood the importance of design.

The Apple logo is easy to identify because it’s exactly that–an apple. The bite out of the side may seem like it’s telling us something (and maybe it is), but the primary purpose is to make sure that we always know we’re looking at an apple, even when the logo is tiny.


FedEx doesn’t have the flashiest logo out there and some of you may be surprised to see it on this list. However, in addition to its perfectly contrasting color scheme, it does something pretty cool. It creates an image using only letters.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Look again at the space between the second “e” and the “x” in the logo to see the arrow, which signifies to us that by using FedEx, our packages are already in motion. (If you’re curious about hidden imagery in logos, here’s more info.)


Nothing screams “Americana” like the Coca-Cola logo. That deliciously curly cursive will make your mouth water immediately as you think about pouring yourself a nice tall glass of Coke.

The most impressive thing about Coca-Cola’s logo is that no matter how many iterations of it you see, you’ll always know immediately that you’re looking at a Coke product. From their snowy winter advertisements to their animated television ads, that logo stays recognizable.

Take Note of What Makes the Best Logos So Successful

Your logo is more than a graphic. It’s meant to tell us, your consumers, what to expect from (and how to feel about) your products. Take note of what makes the best logos so successful and learn from the big dogs.

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