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The best wood furniture design for your home can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking to refresh your living space, or to build up a new room from scratch, we have what you need. If you love the natural look, go for solid wood furniture in dark shades of oak or walnut. Maple is another good option if you want something brighter and less heavy-duty. If you want something more stylish, pick out a piece in cherry, maple or mahogany. But choosing the right furniture doesn’t have to be time-consuming and stressful. Our handy guide breaks down the choices so that you can easily find what you need and get it right first time.

Solid wood furniture is built from trees that have been felled and shaped before being cut into boards. Since there are no joints to join the pieces together, solid wood furniture feels more natural and natural knots give it a more authentic appearance. However, while they look great, solid wood furniture is heavy and bulky. While the price tag may be tempting, the weight of solid wood furniture makes it impractical for a lot of people’s homes. It’s also difficult to find a light color for solid wood furniture. Naked wood is a form of furniture crafted from raw wood. When the raw wood is stripped off, creating strips that are just wide enough to fasten together, it leaves the bare wood showing. Naked wood from can be made from pine, oak and walnut though only in dark shades.

Teak Wood: 

Teak is a high-strength and long-life wood. Teakwood furniture is resistant to cracking, warping and mildew. You want to avoid all of these things when you’re looking for your new furniture. Teak is the most water resistant wood on the market today. Water can wear away at the wood but it’s very hard to do any permanent damage to teak wood without using chemicals and even those don’t work very well. Teak wood is used to make high-end furniture, as well as outside pieces because it stays looking great in direct sunlight. Even if it gets a little wet it dries quickly again. Teak wood is a dark wood tone that can go well with any decor style, while also helping to create one of your own.


Rosewood can be a great wood for furniture if you’re looking for a dark-colored wood with a modern edge to it. Rosewood is one of the most durable types of woods and has an “earthy” hue, which can be great when you want something that really stands out. If you have animals or small children, rosewood furniture is a good option since its hardiness means that it’ll stay looking good even after they’ve had their way with it. This is one of the more expensive woods on the market though, so it’s not something that you’re going to want to get your hands on by bulk order.

Sal Wood:

Sal wood comes from the Shorea plant and it brings with it a lot of advantages over other woods. It’s one of the most durable types of wood, meaning it’s perfect for people who have pets that like to eat furniture or for homes that get lots of foot traffic. It’s light-weight and easy to work with, which means that you can enjoy a nice design and save yourself some time in building and finishing your pieces. It’s also a great option for craftsmen looking to build furniture out of it.

Elk Wood:

Elk wood is one of the most inexpensive woods around, although it does have some downsides if you’re planning on using it for veneer plywood. It can’t have any cracks in its grain and this means that the stuff harvested from elk trees often has some breaks or flaws, which will show through on all finished products. But elk wood doesn’t have a great deal of variation in its grain, which means that it’s always consistent and won’t warp or split. It’s also one of the strongest woods on the market today, making it an excellent option for building furniture out of.

Oak Wood:

Oak is a durable wood that’s both beautiful and hard-wearing. It has a lovely grain that helps it stand out from the crowd of other types of wood. Even though oak is one of the most common woods used in furniture, its good looks mean it’s always in hot demand so you’re unlikely to get a bulk discount on oak furniture. It’s also one of the least expensive types of wood on the market today, but don’t let that put you off if you want something a little bit different for your home.


The different types of wood and their characteristics will help you make a decision on what you’ll want to go with. However, the other, more important factor is durability. You need furniture that’s strong, durable and long-lasting if you want it to be the perfect furniture for your home. At Kistler Custom Fixtures and Doors we have the best woodworking experts in Sydney. They have been designing and manufacturing bespoke home furniture for years and know everything there is to know about wood. We can help you find the perfect piece of furniture for your home, which will help you to create the decor you’ve always wanted.