Toyota Prado

Are you trying to find a good off-road vehicle that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? The Toyota Prado may be your ideal option, especially if you look for something similar to the Audi A61 or the BMW 5. To make sure this is the right vehicle for you, especially if you plan on driving long stretches in the future.

The thing you always need to keep in mind is that the Prado is a luxury vehicle but also offers all of the features we have come to love in the Toyota brand. The initial cost may be higher, but like most Toyotas, you will rarely need to replace parts or have any significant breakdowns.

In this article, we will look at the Prado and its maintenance needs.

Overall Review

The Prado is well made on the inside and outside. There are no loose fittings or weak points that we see. Like other Toyotas, it is practical and offers some great storage options throughout the cabin and rear area. It has a 2790mm long by 1885mm wide wheelbase. Its total length is 4825mm once we consider the body and everything else.

The Prado comes with a 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine paired with a six-speed transmission which gives it some nice get up and go.

New Prado Maintenance Costs

Once you buy a Prado, you can expect the regular service calls to cost about $240 over the first three years. After that, Toyota wants you to do a maintenance service every six months or 10,000km. If you follow this six-month guideline, you will spend about $3600 in the five years the vehicle is under warranty.

Is It High?

Yes. But it is still pretty cheap considering it is a luxury vehicle and a foreign-made car. Most people buy the car because of its great stability, high retention rate, and great appearance. If these are your needs, and you can afford the $65,000 price tag, then the yearly maintenance cost may not seem that high.

When Long Term Maintenance Needs to Be Considered

Suppose you want to think of maintenance after the five-year warranty period. In that case, you must also factor in the $150 cost for oil filter changes and the 40,000-kilometer maintenance, which requires the changing of oil, filters, gearbox oil, differential fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. These costs can elevate to between $500 and $700, depending on where you live.

Fuel Consumption

Besides the maintenance, you should also consider fuel consumption. The average is about 15 liters per 100 kilometers, so at the current fuel prices running the Prado for a year would be about $2,000.

Keep in mind that there are also insurance costs and other maintenance issues that may arise. These costs may elevate the fees to another $1000 per year.


In total, the cost of keeping this Toyota vehicle is about $4,000 per year. It may be a bit high but not as high as other SUVs. Plus, there is the benefit that the Prado does not need to have parts replaced, except for every so often.