Buying Lanyards

If you are a frequent visitor to exhibitions and seminars, you must have collected plenty of lanyards. A lanyard is a long strap attached to an ID badge that allows you to wear it around your neck. Whether you are an office admin looking for bulk ID straps for your employees or an individual looking for a strap for their ID badge, you can use some help to choose the right product. Here are the top eight things you need to consider while buying straps for your ID badges. 


The usage determines what kind of strap you need. If you work at a construction site with heavy machinery and moving parts, it’s best to avoid long straps that can quickly get stuck in any moving part and cause accidents. In such cases, it’s best to have short straps or retractable reels to keep your ID badge close to your body and not wave around with wind or physical movement.

It’s also essential to understand how any time you are going to use the ID badge within a day. Defense personnel and doctors need to show their IDs whenever they go to a restricted area that needs special clearance. On the other hand, office employees only have to show their IDs once entering their office building. You must know your usage frequency to choose the right strap for your ID badge.


The material of the strap determines its durability and lifespan. ID straps are commonly made from polyester material which is very durable and strong. Apart from polyester, many other materials are also used for making ID straps. If you will use your ID more often, it’s best to go with polyester straps as they last longer. They are also easier to wash frequently and do not have loose seams or edges, which can cause the strap to unweave.


The ID straps are attached to the ID badge with different attachments. Based on your usage, you need to choose the proper attachment that seems more logical for your use. Many users need to detach their IDs to submit for verification. That time it’s good to have straps that you can easily detach from the ID. You can also detach the strap and hang only the ID on your belt or shirt’s pocket.


The length of the straps is something you should consider while buying one. Depending on your comfort and preference, you can choose the correct length for your strap. Many ID straps also come with knobs to adjust the strap length. You can use that knob to adjust the length according to your references. If you want a short strap to put your ID in your shirt’s pocket, you can reduce the length by adjusting the knob.


The color of the strap significantly affects its appearance, and that’s why you should be careful while choosing the color of the strap. Color plays a vital role in the compatibility of your dress code. If you wear a uniform or your workplace has a specific dress code, you must choose a color that suits and feel appropriate with your uniform or dress code. For example, the ID straps of the medical professional are usually blue.

In the same way, check whether your workplace has any specific guidelines to choose the color of the ID badge and strap. You don’t want your ID to have pink straps while other team members wear red ones. ID straps come in various colors, and you can choose the color that you think is appropriate.


Depending on the material, brand, quality, and features, the price of the ID strap can change. The cost of ID straps can range from 70 cents to 25 dollars, depending on what they offer. Regular thinner straps are way cheaper than those with wide straps and safety features. The price shouldn’t be the only factor you consider while buying lanyards. You must check the material quality, color, and other features before buying it.


Always check the reviews of the product before buying. Reviews contain feedback and product experience from customers who have purchased the product. It will help you to make the right decision. Some reviews also have pictures and videos of the product, and you can refer to them to have a better idea about the product.

ID Card Size

It’s good to check the size of your ID card before choosing the ID strap for it. If your card is bigger, you might have to select a broader strap that looks appropriate and can hold the card’s weight. The card should also fit the ID cover. The ID badge is attached to the strap, so it’s good to double-check the ID card size and buy an appropriate strap.

Buying suitable lanyards doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Know your requirements and choose the product that satisfies your checklist. That way, you will get the best bang for your bucks and won’t regret your purchase decision.