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4 Essential Packing Tips to Avoid Transit Damage

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One of the biggest risks any business takes is dispatching goods. Any item damaged in transit means a loss of financial income for the business and potentially damage to their reputation. Both of these events can have a detrimental effect on the performance of the business.

That’s why, when you’re sending goods out via any delivery service, you need to take the following essential packing steps to protect your goods and your reputation.

The Right box

All packaging starts with choosing the right box for your goods. The idea box is close to the same size as the product you are sending. This minimizes the ability of the item to move during transit. The less it can move the lower the risk of damage happening.

Of course, it is best if the box is square or rectangular, allowing multiple boxes to be stacked on top of each other. This may increase the amount of space spare in your box, that’s where point 2 steps in.

Packaging Material

Any spare space in your box should be filled. The logical starting point is any accessories that come with your product. A phone is the perfect example of this as the box is split into sections, one part taking the phone snugly while the rest is designed for chargers and headphones.

If you don’t have accessories or still have space then you need to package the space. This is where it is important to choose the right material. Rigid cardboard is a good idea as it is strong, recyclable, and easy to remove.

That’s important in the modern world where people want convenience but they also want to feel they are doing their part towards the environment.

Using Technological Aids

There are a variety of data loggers available which should be included in your parcel. These are effectively stickers that are added to your parcel. Each sticker has a colored dot. This dot will change color if the parcel exceeds the established criteria.

You can choose the sticker depending on what limits you need to be applied.  For example, there is a logger designed to highlight when your parcel has moved outside of given temperature parameters. Equally, you could use a logger to check if the box has been dropped or had too much pressure on it.

The best thing about this approach is that your customer knows the issue is with the courier service, not you.

Choose Your Courier Service Wisely

Naturally, the best way to ensure your parcels aren’t damaged in transit is to choose a company that has a great reputation. There is a good chance this will be a slightly more expensive option. However, your customers will be happy to pay this when they realize that the goods will be handled carefully and arrive in the right condition.

You simply need to investigate the reputation of the company before you commit to using them.

Finally, don’t get complacent. Just because you have done your homework and chosen the best courier service doesn’t mean it will always be the best. Keep an eye on the market and reviews, you can change courier if necessary.

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