Best Broadband In Delhi

Computers and smartphones are inseparable from today’s life. They form the backbone of business, education and entertainment. Running on a largely stable, uninterrupted internet supply, a good broadband connection thus helps us to get through our daily jobs without much downtime. 

But with numerous internet service providers in the market and all claiming to be the best, how should one choose the best broadband in Delhi?

Well, it’s simple; pick the one that caters to your internet requirements. Listed below is the outline of major factors that must be kept in mind before choosing the right internet connection.

How To Pick The Best Broadband In Delhi?

 A good internet connection is one that promises high-speed connectivity with near-zero downtime. Listed below is the checklist that will help you find the perfect one for your requirements. 

Evaluate Your Internet Usage

The first and foremost step in choosing the right broadband connection for your home or office space is to understand your internet usage. The plans offered, broadband speed and prices of broadband packages vary with the level of data consumed through the day. 

So listing down the activities that require internet usage will help you analyse your daily data consumption. Counting the number of computers, smartphones, and smart gadgets that will be linked to the same router is also important. Also, assess the quantum of data used for online streaming. The latter two will help you pick the ideal internet speed. 

Know Your Internet Service Providers And The Technology They Offer 

Identify the internet service providers operating in your region. Although there are numerous internet service providers in the digital market arena, not all offer services at all locations. 

Know the basic form of broadband service you are using – Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), Cable modems, or Fibre- optic networks. Identify the heads under which you wish to upgrade. In case you wish to upgrade to better technology, the coverage area of each broadband service provider will depend upon the infrastructure set up by them, which in turn is dependent on the viability of a given location.

Compare the Price, Speed and Promotional Offers

After shortlisting the top three internet services providers in your area, closely assess and compare their offerings. Apart from their monthly charges, compare upload and download speed, free data limits, installation and facility charge waivers or any other promotional discounts on offer. This will help you pick the best plan with the lowest cost outflows.

Be sure the companies offering unlimited data plans do not have any hidden data caps or hidden charges. Some companies do drop the internet bandwidth once the promised fixed data levels are consumed. Take note of the speed drop level.

Know The Broadband Speed

The internet speed promised by each broadband provider is extremely crucial for decision-making. It will help you carry out the downloading without buffering.

The following marking will help you stay on track:

  • 0-5 Mbps works best for checking emails, general day-long internet search and streaming music on one device.
  • 5-40 Mbps works best for streaming videos on one device, video calling and Skype time, and online gaming on one device.
  • 40-100 Mbps works best for streaming HD videos on two devices, multiplayer online gaming and downloading large files.
  • 100-500 Mbps works best for UHD video streaming on multiple screens, instant and large file downloading and multiplayer online gaming.
  • 500-1000 Mbps works best for about everything and anything that too at the desired speed.

Compare Inputs With Your Existing Plan

Compare the offerings of the broadband you choose with the internet network you currently use. List down the limitations and shortfalls of your current plan, and be sure if the new plan is an upgrade on every front. Run an internet speed test to know the internet speed your current internet service provider is delivering. Always remember the internet upload and download speeds are different. 

Ask For Testimonials 

It’s always a good idea to get in touch with your neighbours for a quick and honest review. Talk to the people around your locality. Take note of their broadband internet service provider and the actual internet experience. This will help ascertain if there are any gaps between the internet speed promised and delivered. 

Do take note of the frequency and duration of the internet downtime and the quality of after-sales customer service. This first-hand information will reflect the true picture and enable you to make a well-informed decision.


Once you’ve evaluated your data requirement, broadband speed, and the type of internet technology the broadband service providers are providing in your area, making a conscious and informed choice will be easy. As broadband speed is invariably linked to the cost of internet packages, pick the one that is the best match for your needs. Make sure you do not overspend for the speed you do not use. In the end, the best broadband in Delhi will be the one that addresses and fixes all your internet requirements and issues aptly without being pricey on your pocket.  


How to choose a broadband connection?

To choose a broadband connection for your office, check for the internet service providers that serve in your location. Make a list of their plans and compare the offers. Run a speed test to check if the promised speed is delivered.

What is a good broadband speed?

Typically the best broadband in Delhi delivers a speed between 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps. 100 Mbps broadband speed can be enjoyed through fibre broadband connections. 

Why are broadband upload and download speeds different?

Broadband connections work on asymmetrical speed methodology. The speeds depend on the flow of data. Therefore upload speed and download speed are different. The upload speed offered is almost one-tenth of the download speed.

How can I test the speed of my broadband connection?

To check the Wi-Fi speed on your cellular device, turn off all other devices connected to the broadband. Download a speed test app from Play Store or App Store and run a speed test.

In case you wish to check the speed of your wired broadband, open the web browser and enter ‘speed test’ in the Google search link. Run a speed test in the top search result.

What is the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi connection?

Broadband connections offer fast, consistent and secure wired internet. A Wi-Fi router attached to a broadband connection will help enjoy high-speed wireless connectivity.