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Sleeping hacks are a dime a dozen – I’ve even heard them being said on late-night television. I’m sure you’ve done the same thing as I did, only to find that it didn’t work for you. What makes them so ineffective? Lack of quality sleep and comfort, and the tossing and turning while you are tossing and turning all night long!


Let’s start with some basics. One of the most common sleeping hacks out there, is simply using a sleeping pillow. It doesn’t matter which type you get, you’re still tossing and turning in your sleep because it’s impossible to get comfortable when your body is forced to move at an angle it’s not accustomed to. Sure, some pillows can be very expensive, but there’s nothing wrong with splurging a bit if it means that you can get better sleep. A gel pillow is the best type of pillow that can provide you with better sleep. It has been recommended by many users.

A Warm Bath Before Bed

Another popular sleeping hack involves taking a warm bath before bed. While a warm bath can make you fall asleep faster, it can also rob you of your rest. The reason is that your body needs the sun to produce melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate your sleeping cycles. Without enough melatonin, your body is incapable of falling asleep and can’t wake up in the middle of the night having had too much sleep. This is why it’s recommended that you avoid taking a warm bath before bed.

Sleeping Pill

Other sleeping hacks involve popping a sleeping pill or drinking a sleeping pill before bed. While both of these may work, popping pills or drinking alcohol before bed only works because you’re desperate. You wake up in the middle of the night to try and sleep and grab something to drink, usually a caffeinated soft drink. It doesn’t matter what you do, you end up snoring, making the situation worse than it was, to begin with. Sleeping hacks such as this simply add one more thing to your daily load of stress and frustration. While you might feel better after popping a pill or drinking a bit of alcohol before bed, if your body wakes up in the middle of the night with the same problems, then popping pills or drinking alcohol won’t make things better.


A better option for people looking for sleeping hacks is to find a product that regulates their melatonin levels. Some people simply lack melatonin, while others have normal levels but aren’t getting enough sleep. Melatonin is produced by a pineal gland in the brain, and while it can be produced naturally in low amounts by certain animals (such as some reptiles), most humans produce high levels of melatonin daily. The hormone is responsible for many of your dreams and regulating melatonin production means you can get a good night’s sleep without resorting to hacks that simply put you to sleep in the middle of the night. In addition, natural melatonin supplements provide other health benefits, including an improved sense of well-being and less dependence on certain mood-enhancing drugs.

Finding the right melatonin supplement may take a bit of work, but once you’ve found a good brand such as Pure Encapsulations Supplements you should start seeing some positive results in a few months. You’ll start to notice fewer headaches, less anxiety, and insomnia symptoms, and you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer every night. This will give you the ability to rid yourself of sleeping hacks once and for all, as you’ll be able to finally use a quality sleeping aid without dependency. This type of natural addiction treatment can be a great solution for those who need a good night’s sleep but simply can’t seem to overcome their sleeping troubles. Along with this one can also try out sleeping with blankets, as it helps to maintain the temperature of the body, which is very essential for sleep. There are different dimensions for each blanket crochet, and one should be aware of it before making the purchase. Here are some dimensions:

Throw52 x 60
Twin66 x 90
Full/Queen90 x 90
King108 x 108

Set A Sleep Schedule 

You must retrain yourself to get better rest. Heavy drug or alcohol use has probably messed up your sleep and wake times already. To prepare your body for sleep, try to start minimizing things like light exposure an hour before you head to bed. This sleep hacking tip may seem counterintuitive, but it is one of the best sleeping hacks there is: setting an alarm to wake you up at a specific time of the day to prepare your body for sleep.

Addictions Heal Over Time

If you suffer from insomnia or other sleeping disorders, you should know that getting the right amount of sleep every night is a key component to long-term health and happiness. A natural sleep remedy for you may be the simplest and most effective sleep hack available. A good natural cure can provide you with the best sleeping hacks there are.

White Noise Technology

The best sleep hacks are not the ones that guarantee you an easy, uncomplicated way to fall asleep. Some cures, such as melatonin supplements and white noise sound therapy are useful and have their place. The best sleeping hacks are those that help you live healthy while you sleep.

Caffeine and Other Stimulants 

While caffeine isn’t the only thing that causes us to toss and turn, it’s one of the more popular. There’s no getting around the fact that caffeine is a stimulant and while it may give you the energy boost you need before going to sleep, it can also cause insomnia. For this reason, the sleep hacks that use caffeine as a sleeping aid are usually short-term fixes. Instead, you could opt for herbal teas, aromatherapy, deep breathing exercises, or other relaxation techniques.

Bedtime Scents and Bathroom Chimes 

The bedroom is one of the last areas in the house where we relax and wind down from a stressful day, so it makes sense that we want to create a soothing environment to go to after a long day at work or a crazy day on the road. The bedtime scents and bathroom chime are simple sleeping hacks for the bedroom that combine smells with calming effects to get you to a peaceful, restful sleep.

Blue Light Therapy

When most people think of blue light therapy, they think of doctors giving low-level light pulses to patients who are suffering from insomnia. While this may have had some degree of effect when used in hospitals in the past, modern blue light machines now have a much more refined technique. In this type of treatment, a doctor strategically places the light source inside the bedroom, where it stimulates natural chemicals in the brain that cause the body to go into sleep. By giving the body the proper signals, it enables the mind to finally let go of the intense worry and tension that kept it awake throughout the night. While this method may not always completely work, it’s certainly an effective bedtime hack for insomnia.