4K Ultra HD TVs
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

There isn’t anything better than finishing a day’s work, kicking back, and catching up on your favourite shows, or revisiting a classic movie at the end of the day, but dealing with a TV that’s clearly past its sell-by date certainly puts a dampener on things. Maybe the best 65-inch TV could solve the issue? 

Finding a new television can be nothing short of a nightmare – TV tech seems to create more and more new, perplexing jargon month-on-month, so discerning what’s the best 65-inch TVs from lists of OLED, QLED and LED TVs is rarely straightforward. Forget the hassle of scouring the web for a television that may be a complete utter gamble, here are our picks for the very best 4K televisions of the year – with picture quality, sound, and performance being our foremost concern.

Samsung S95B QD OLED 4K TV – 

Easily one of the best Samsung televisions ever made without exaggeration, Samsung’s S95B eliminates the need to decide between two major competing technologies, QLED and OLED, and decidedly uses them both in this utterly unique, and purely stunning display.

Incorporating QLED technology – which uses tiny nanocrystals called quantum dots to create over a billion different shades of colour, and OLED – a display that doesn’t need a backlight as a traditional display does, making performance ultra-fast, and contrast deeper and more vivid than ever before – the S95B truly is the best of both worlds.

Samsung’s S95B has an absolutely show-stopping ultra-slim design measuring about 3 mm thick is simply mesmerising, and needless to say that picture quality is second to none. Admittedly, that price tag is undeniably hefty, but for such a worthwhile investment as this TV, there’s no denying its value for money.

LG OLED C2 55” 4K Smart TV – 

Yet another awe-inspiring television, LG’s C2 OLED TV has everything a gamer has ever dreamed of in a television, and more.

Hitting that ever-beautiful 120 Hz refresh rate in its stride, gaming on the next-generation of consoles has never felt smoother, or more precise on a television. And yet, putting the impeccable refresh rate aside for a mere moment, you’ll realise the C2 also has one of the lowest response times out of any TV or monitor ever made. At a mind-blowing 0.1ms, there hasn’t been a smart TV made to this date that could possibly top this speed, and it simply makes us even more excited for the future.

OLED screens, despite their impeccable speed on account of the lack of backlight they use, often struggle with brightness issues, giving their screens somewhat of a dull aesthetic compared to their QLED counterparts, but this technology has came a long way since OLED’s initial release. LG’s C2 OLED TV has an incredible 800 nits of brightness, which is unparalleled by most OLED screens to this day.

Samsung 65 Inch Q65B QLED 4K Smart TV – 

Despite being cheaper than our television picks, Samsung’s Q65B is nothing short of brilliant, and is the perfect addition to any living room this year.

QLED technology is unrivalled in its vivid picture quality, and this is no exception for the Q65B which boasts a maximum brightness of around an enormous 4,000 nits – which is completely unfathomable for a TV at this price.

Alongside the stunning QLED display is the Q65B’s great sound quality, which incorporates Samsung’s Object Tracking Mode, giving sound a new level of depth and distance on-screen that is only usually possible with a surround sound setup.

All-in-all, this is a great value TV, and is the perfect centrepiece for your lounge.