We are going to pair our Kodi device with the Vshare eu pair now. But before we will be going for it, just let me say some important words about Kodi! In these days the Kodi users have been increased a lot. Why because the Kodi can allow any third party addons to watch their favorite videos that could be used to get an information or to get some entertainment? Whatever it may be.

vshare.eu.pair Server is one of the best servers and it contains 800 millions of movies and tv shows and they update daily like latest movies and tv shows. But while watching any movie on kodi “we will get vshare.eu/pair error! Right?”. Don’t worry Read the below simple guide and fix it.

If you are getting the Vshare eu Pair on your Kodi then you have Three solutions to get rid of it. From those three methods, you can get rid of it. First of all, let us know method names and then we will be following them.

Note: http://vshare.eu/pair is providing 75% of content to kodi among all other servers. We highly recommend vshare eu pair stream authorization process to this 800 million’s content. If you use below other 2 methods then you can’t stream vshare server content on your kodi device because those 2 methods simple block vshare eu pair server in kodi.

  1. Stream Authorization
  2. Hosters With Captchas
  3. Using URL Resolver

https //vshare.eu/pair error On Kodi With Stream Authorization Method

The below steps will help you a lot to get rid of vshare pair streaming Authorization issue.

1). Before this steps we need to use VPN (Use ipvanish to protect your device, now Black Friday offer going on and get Discount Up To 73%  for better experience and for avoid copyrighted issues. For free VPN you can use HOXX VPN and for paid IP vanish

2). Open your “Kodi Software” 

3). Watch any video through the “Addon”

4). But here you would get “Different Servers”

5). From them, you have to select “Vshare”

6). But again you would get a pop-up, that is “To Play This Video Stream Authorization Required”

7). You must visit “https://vshare. eu/pair”

8). Here you need to solve some “Captchas”

9). So here you will get an “IP Address” for your own device

10). Click on “Pair” to connect with the “Vshareeu pair IP Adress”

11). Now click on “Active Streaming”

12). Finally, you will get a pop up  “Your Device paired Successfully”

This is one of the first methods to avoid the https://vshare.eu pair/pair error on your Kodi addons and this should be repeat for each and every four hours otherwise you will get pop up again, So you have to pair every 4 hours. if you don’t want to pair every 4 hours then follow below method to block vshare eu permanently. but I recommend you to follow first method otherwise you can stream vshare content on kodi.

https//vshare.eu/pair Kodi Error By Hosters With Captchas

Now we are going to share the Second method from our three methods. This is the Hosters With Captchas. It will help you to avoid vshare.eu pair/pair error and make kodi run smoothly. So once try this method one.

  • Launch your “Kodi Software”
  • From your Kodi home screen, you have to select “Addons”
  • Then chose “Video Addons”
  • Now select your favorite “Addon”
  • After that, you have to click on the “Settings”
  • You have to hit on “PlayBack”
  • Here you can choose “Hosters With Captchas”
  • So just “Turn Off” that hosters with captchas

That’s it, now you can disable the hosters with captchas from the above steps. This will avoid all kind of servers issues of the vshare eu pair means you cant access those servers content through kodi.

Fix http //vshare.eu/pair error On Kodi By Using URL Resolver

The URL Resolver is the third method. This can resolve all your URL issues which are running background of the Kodi and its addons.

  1. Open your “Kodi Software”
  2. Chose the “Settings”
  3. Now hit on “System Settings” and then you must make sure to change it to “Expert Mode”
  4. Click on “Addon” and then you have to select “Manage Dependencies”
  5. Here you will get “URL Resolver” option, so hit on it.
  6. Now chose “Configure”
  7. Now you will get “List Of Resolvers”
  8. From them chose “Vshare Eu Pair”
  9. Finally, click on it to “Disable”

So these three methods will give you a better relief from the vshare pair. with these three methods you can fix http //vshare.eu/pair error on your kodi.

How To Pair http //vshare.eu/pair On Firestick

If you are using the amazon firestick and Fire TV Cube, whatever. you need to pair your kodi with the vshare.eu/pair server with your firestick Kodi IP address. So the process mentioned below.

Note: We can’t any website URL in firestick Right?. Then we must use any other device like mobile or table. So, here we are using mobile to pair our firestick with vshare pair.

  1. Connect your mobile phone to same wifi network and follow below steps
  2. For that “Open web browser” > type”https://vshare. eu/pair
  3. Here you can get the “IP address” which needs to pair with the “Vshare Server”
  4. Now “I am Not A Robot” will appear so put a “Tick Mark” in it
  5. To finish hit on “Active Streaming or Pair” option
  6. that’s its now open you kodi and enjoy tv shows and movies without that pop up

That’s all your device has paired with the vshare pair by using your device IP address. This is very much helpful to the every fire stick kodi users.

How to Fix Vshare.eu/pair With Real-Debrid

Real Debrid is one of the best solution to fix this pairing issues and if you use Real-Debrid in your kodi then it will make your kodi much better because its give direct access to stream content on kodi and it gives working links when you click a movie and there you no need to spend time to find working links for that particular movie or tv show. Real-Debrid HD quality Movies and TV shows. All you need to do is just Subscribe to Real Debrid and Connect that account to kodi.

How To Fix vshare eu pair Not Working

We already said the three methods solution in the above lines. If you follow them you won’t get this http://vshare eu pair not working issue. If you still facing even after following the above three methods check this article which is exlained about vshare eu pair not working and also make sure that you have followed the procedure step by step or did you miss any step from them and make sure that you entered a perfect URL or not. and also if you use free vpn then that might be the issue better to use paid vpn for this kind of pairing websites.

Some times they change the url of the pairing website. So, you have to find working website and follow the same process which is mentioned above. For working website address you can get from our website. We update frequently.

Does vshare eu pair Safe Or Not?

Yes of course! its highly recommending server for those who are getting the interception and unwanted servers while they are watching the videos through the different addons on their Kodi.

So its very safe to use and don’t worry about it. If you are worrying about your IP then Use IP Vanish to avoid that this VPN works great with kodi. This will hide your IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Vshare.eu/pair

1). Can you suggest any best VPN for videoshare server kind of sites

There are many best VPN’s But i can suggest below 3

  • IPVanish
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN

2). Can we fix this vshare issue with real debrid

Yes! 100% and first try for 1 month and after that you decide I am sure you are going to like it

3). Is there any way to pair my firestick with vshare pair without using any third party device

Yes! you just need to install Silk browser from amazon app store then follow this method

4). How to avoid ads in vshare.eu/pair website while paring my device

Just install ad blocker in your browser, then you no longer see any ads in that site and you simple pair your device without any ads. else buy their premium plan.

5). I am getting this error whem i open vshare website “this site cant be reached”. How to fix this?

For this you should use VPN otherwise you can access this website, because this website blocked in your country.

6).  How to get rid of vshare.eu/pair interrupted pop ups and ads ?

  • Click on “Menu Button” from the right corner of “Google Chrome Window”
  • Then click on “Settings” and then chose “Extensions”
  • Here you need to “Remove Unwanted Programs” which are related to “Vshare.eu/pair”
  • Finally, hit on “Trash Button”

7). Do we have any permanent solution to get rid of any types of pairing best sites without lose any video content ?

The “Real Debrid” is the best one to get rid of these websites.

8). How To Avoid ads while pairing with vshare pair (Videoshare)

you can use ad blocker extension for chrome browser and firefox as well.

9). Which method works very well to Fix http //vshare.eu/pair error on kodi software

I always prefer 1st method and make sure reconfirm the http://vshare eu pair/pair url.

10). Why I am unable to pair even i follow each and every step properly

You might be using VPN once check that then follow the process

11). Where to buy real debrid account for vshare.eu website

You can buy from real debrid official site and connect that account to kodi that’s it

Vshare eu Pair Review


This https //vshare. eu/pair is giving the best service for those who are getting the unwanted servers while watching their favorite videos through the different addon on their favorite Kodi software.

Here you read one kodi user review about vshare eu pair and he used kodi from past 4 years. It can deliver all your selected videos for the four hours duration.

After four hours duration, you have to pair it again with your Kodi software. if we use vshare.eu/pair with real debrid account then we can enjoy kodi service like netflix.


The only cons it has is! it can’t deliver the videos through out the day, that means it can deliver your video only for four hours for each pairing.

After loosing the pair you have to pair your IP address again. and some times their urls blocked due to copyright issues and also due to server down movie may slow load in kodi.

What Is vshare.eu stream authorization ?

Actually, this happen in every server from kodi as we know we do get in vev.lo/pair while you’re trying to watch any of your favorite movie or any other show on your kodi, the video will deliver a pop up like “To play this video stream authorization has been required” so to stream any of your favorite or any other video you should authorize your device ip address with the vshare.eu stream authorization.

How Many Times Does Vshare Pair Require IP Address To Pair ?

There is unlimited chance to watch our favorite videos in our favorite device but until we keep on changing our IP address for every four hours. Why because after four hours it loose its pairing and then the tracking will start from there you might be falling in risk in some countries so, We have to change our IP address for no interruptions while watching our favorite videos.

Wrapping Up:

Now you have nothing to know about the https://vshare.eu/pair why because we have given everything about it. So you no need to confuse about the pairing procedure we have mentioned three methods which will really help you.

Still, if you have any questions about this topic or any new error which isn’t mentioned here that you are getting  in your device, then just comment that question and we will tell you that solution and from there you can solve that issue.