Personal Injury Case

What is a Personal Injury Case and Do You Need a Lawyer?

All it takes is a moment for a terrible accident to occur. In that small moment, a life can change forever. A serious injury, a permanent disability, or even death is often the result of an accident. These accidents can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating.

It is hard enough to manage an injury or death due to an unexpected accident. However, when someone else’s negligence or recklessness causes that accident, they should be held accountable for the damage. That is the point of a personal injury case.

What is a Personal Injury Case?

The definition of a personal injury case is a legal dispute that occurs when a person is injured or harmed in an accident where someone else may be legally responsible for that accident. To have a case evaluated to see if it falls within this realm, individuals can contact The Krist Law Firm for a free consultation.

There is a multitude of accidents that can cause injuries or even fatalities. When another person or people are responsible for that accident occurring, either by action or even inaction, they should pay for the damages caused by that accident. Unfortunately, pursuing a personal injury case can be long and difficult.

 Common Personal Injury Accidents

Some of the most common accidents that result in a personal injury case are car and truck accidents. There are more than 500,000 truck accidents every year with nearly 30% resulting in injuries. Maritime accidents are another common cause. These are any accidents on the water, such as boating or oil rig accidents.

Workplace accidents are another source of a large number of personal injury cases. Fatal accidents and wrongful deaths are other common personal injury cases that injured parties pursue. Many of these accidents are paid out by an insurance company.

Most vehicles and business places carry at least liability insurance to cover the various injuries that occur. Unfortunately, an insurance company is a for-profit business and will work hard to keep its claims low. Often, this results in legitimate claims being denied or underpaid. Fighting the insurance company alone is difficult since the insurance company relies on a team of lawyers to protect its interests. 

Personal Injury Case

Common Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

Any injury that occurs in an accident caused by another party can technically be considered a personal injury case. However, minor injuries are often cleared up quickly and usually do not require much of a fight. The more serious injuries tend to require a legal battle to get the needed compensation to cover the extensive damages.

Traumatic brain injuries are a very common injury found in personal injury cases. From a concussion to serious damage, a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can have lasting effects that can impact every aspect of a person’s life. Long-term treatment and the inability to work are often coupled with this type of injury.

Neck, back, and spinal injuries are also common injuries when a serious accident occurs. These injuries can leave a person with pain for the rest of their life. Often, these injuries can limit a person’s mobility. In some cases, permanent paralysis may be the effect. These cases require care for the rest of their lives and deserve compensation to allow that care.

With any accident, the injured party must seek medical care as soon as possible. Immediate medical care will ensure the injured party is treated and may prevent or minimize further complications. Medical care immediately after an accident is necessary for providing the documentation needed to get compensation for that injury. Delaying medical care could result in an injured person receiving less or no compensation for their injuries. 

How Can an Attorney Help?

An attorney can help with every aspect of a personal injury case. From the initial consultation, the attorney can provide information on how to file the claim and pursue a positive result. The attorney can even help the injured party determine the value of their claim and their likelihood of getting successful results when pursuing the case.

After the evaluation of the case, if an attorney is hired, they will get to work on the case right away. The attorney can make any necessary contact with the insurance company or the at-fault party to begin the claims process and ensure that their client’s rights are protected throughout.

The attorney will help the client gather the medical information needed to show the extent of the injuries and the costs of those injuries. All negotiations and any attempts to settle with the other party will be handled by the attorney. An attorney allows the injured party to focus on their recovery instead of fighting the case.

If needed, the attorney will take the case to court to seek the right compensation. In preparation, they will gather evidence, witnesses, and even experts to help prove the case n a courtroom. The attorney will also accompany the injured party in court to help them get the compensation they deserve.

Is an Attorney an Affordable Option?

Medical bills, lost wages, and treatment costs can quickly deplete an injured person’s finances. Often, money is so tight that the injured person or their family may feel that they cannot afford an attorney and must proceed on their own. Going it alone can be far more costly than hiring an attorney ever could be.

Not only can an attorney provide valuable information that will help with the case, but parties represented by an attorney are more likely to receive higher payouts than those without. In the long run, it will end up costing the injured party more to not hire a lawyer.

Fortunately, there is no need to worry about these costs. Many attorneys offer free consultations where potential clients can receive valuable information about their case, including the possible value of that case, at no charge at all. In addition, many attorneys that represent individuals in a personal injury case do not charge any fee unless they receive compensation for their client.