What is ASMR

If you are one of those who surf the Internet searching for new things, especially YouTube, in recent times, you have likely come across something related to the normal ASMR or the erotic ASMR. This biological phenomenon has gone viral.

Although it is more likely that you have seen it on Instagram or YouTube. A series of videos in which an anonymous hand cuts a soap with a knife, puts the fingers in a bowl full of small balls or squeezes some object similar to foam. But, the most curious thing about these publications is that, without expecting it, they create a pleasant feeling for you. After much research, we will discuss how this becomes a trend.   

A Little Origin of ASMR

The first traces of the non-erotic ASMR on the Internet date back to 2008, or at least that is believed so far. First of all, there is talk of a group of Yahoo! called ‘Society of Sensationalists,’ where a group of people with similar reactions had come to make contact and were looking for answers to what was happening to them. “All we have now are questions, and we need answers. We need help, not in the sense that we want to resolve or cure this sensation, but to learn about what causes it”, one can still read today in the description of the group that is still in operation.

Two things were born in 2010 that established the groundwork for the ‘boom’ of the ASMR network. The first was a blog where the author, Andrew MacMuiris, talked about his experience, looked for answers, and, most importantly, acted as a means to find other individuals who were going through the same thing. Second, for the first time, a Facebook group termed itself ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,’ better known by its shorter form and already generally consolidated as ASMR.

Brain stimulations and orgasms on erotic ASMR: what are they, and how can they be achieved?

ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, otherwise known as ‘brain tingles’ is an experience where you feel a static-like or tingling sensation on the top of your head in response to certain visual and audio stimuli. This has been described by some people as “head orgasms

But how to achieve it? The effects of ASMR vary from person to person. Some people get this sensation frequently while others get it rarely or never at all. It has been known by some names in the past such as ‘brain orgasms’ but these were more sexual references whereas scientists say that ASMR is non-sexual and can be triggered in a clinical setting making them distinct experiences

The ASMR Trend on YouTube

The range of stimuli is diverse. On YouTube, for example, there are countless videos of people scratching or brushing a microphone, flipping through books, or brushing their hair.

Many people find these videos relaxing and help them sleep. Clips have millions of views, and the trend is on the rise. These videos have now been joined by those in which their protagonists whisper.

The mechanism of both erotic ASMR and the normal ASMR version is not yet scientifically clearly defined. The academic comments that otherwise would not be perceived now come to the fore: for example, those produced when scraping a melon or cutting a piece of soap.

Researchers have yet to understand the exact model of operation, But the fact that people spend hours watching these videos has to mean something from a psychological point of view.

Now, this new sensory fad has been discovered by the erotic industry. Some country erotic Association judges it to be a niche product. In the sector, the interest is in the films and not in the audio format. And whispers have never been in the spotlight.

How to have an ASMR reaction.

And how do you get to have an ASMR reaction? It usually begins with a tingling in the head, and then the tingling spreads throughout the body. Sometimes you get goosebumps on your arms or neck. Finally, the pleasant sensation reaches the genitals, provoking a sexual response,

For some, ASMR means relaxation. For others, excitement. How is it possible? Many of the things that turn you on in the first place are followed by a relaxation phase, which is why many people feel tired after sex.

After orgasm, we want to relax. A single medium can trigger two different sensations. The medium acts in sequences: first, it excites, and then constant repetition creates a habituation effect.

When we start whispering, we have something very intimate to say. This is not limited to sex but can also be whispered while reading children’s books to create a unique atmosphere. Erotic whispering is just one of many options.

The effect of erotic ASMR videos is highly controversial. The erotic ASMR method works with anyone interested in erotic stories.