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What to Expect When Working With an Accident Lawyer

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Car accidents. They are not something that anyone wants to be in, and it is something that perhaps not enough people are prepared for. 

If you or a loved one were the victims of a car accident, you may get awarded some compensation. A non-fatal disabling injury can entitle you to an average of $78,000, while the death of a loved one can entitle you to an average of $1.4 million

To get what you deserve, you will need to hire an accident lawyer. 

What should you expect when hiring an accident lawyer? This is your guide to answering that question. 

Free Consultation

The first thing that you should expect is for any serious lawyer considering your case to provide you with a free consultation. This allows you to get to know the lawyer better, and it allows the lawyer to learn how realistic your chances of winning are or how profitable your case can be. 

Lawyers like those from this site will also promote the fact that they offer a free consultation to get their foot in the door and to make you feel more comfortable about bringing your case to them. 

Contingency Fee

The next thing that you should expect is for your accident attorney to ask for a contingency fee. 

You might be used to the idea of lawyers charging an hourly rate but for cases like this, a contingency fee is usually more appropriate. It allows for a lawyer to get a percentage of what you may potentially be awarded. For these types of cases, a contingency fee between 30% and 40% is the usual standard. 

The good thing about this is that it can give a lawyer extra incentive to do well on your case because it means more money in their pocket. The con is that if your case has a chance of losing, you might get hit with an additional retainer fee as well. 

Negotiating a Settlement

For the vast majority of these types of cases, a settlement will be arranged before your case even has a chance to make it to trial. Most lawyers claim that only 5% of these cases even make it to trial and when they do, that does not necessarily increase your chances of winning. 

To make sure that a fair settlement happens, you will need to expect your lawyer to be a good negotiator. The attorney should know when to push for more money and when to advise you to accept an offer. 

This takes good negotiating skills and experience, and it is something that a lawyer is likely to be much better at than you. 

Find Your Accident Lawyer

No one wants to find themselves in a situation where they need an accident lawyer, but if you do, it is better to be prepared and to do it right to get what you deserve. 

Do you want to know more? Check out our Lifestyle section for related information. 

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