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What You Should Know Before Opting For Online Math Tutoring

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Online tutoring refers to the process of using technology between a student and a tutor. This tutoring can be interactive, recorded sessions or group sessions, and with the help of a mobile, tablet, computer, and others. Finding online math tutoring can help you get the needed assistance and direction. There are two types of basic online tutoring: one-to-many tutoring and one-to-one tutoring. The one-to-many type has the advantage of allowing many students to be mentored. But disadvantage here is the advantage of one-to-one tutoring. That is providing individual attention. One-to-one tutoring is similar to offline tuition, with the only difference being that it is held virtually.

What You Should Know

It opens up avenues to choose tutors from different parts of the world and thus, have the option to handpick from different teaching styles. It allows tutors to incorporate various tools and content when they teach and make learning much more fun. From animated modules of atoms and molecules to detailed maps of different places, visuals accompanied by auditory tools profoundly impact learning. Today, there are new technologies that allow both teacher and student to collaborate and learn together.

Security, a part of offline tutoring, is also for online tutoring. The risk of physical safety is reduced. There are also risks in offline tutoring when the student has to travel to reach the tutor’s place. Along with cutting out the time required to commute, this risk involved also can be eliminated. There are background checks in most countries, e.g., DBS checks in the UK.

The tutor’s qualifications, where they have trained, ask other parents or students have tutored under them, are they teaching the topic the right way, etc., are some other things you should look through before finalizing an online math tutoring.

Advantages Of Online Tutoring

  • They come in a mix of self-learning videos, live classes, or tailor-made online tools.
  • They have opened up a vast number of opportunities and thus, given students an unprecedented range of high-quality tutors.
  • It provides students flexibility without wasting much time and at their convenience.
  • Learning at their own pace and in a comfortable environment like home is very beneficial for students.

Online Classes Enhances Student Efficiency

Students also have access to tutors in other ways apart from their online classes. For example, they can have offline messages to clear more doubts as they learn. This advantage of approaching your tutor after the lesson is not available with school teachers. Students can get frequent feedback regarding what they are learning. And of course, it is also cost-efficient!

  • A decrease in the marks – Is an alarming signal. If you fail to write the exams correctly because of not understanding questions or due to not remembering the number etc., treat it as a sign of needing help. These lead to a decline in grades. Now, it’s the time to get to a mentor and understand the subject/s personally.
  • The problem in time management issues – This is a significant problem. It means that when you aren’t able to complete the math paper in the exam, within the stipulated time, you can’t complete classwork on time while others can do it, or you take 3-4 hours to complete the homework of a class of 1 hour. These are essential time management issues. It indicates the need for a tutor.
  • To increase Logical Power- Mathematics is a big subject, and it requires both memory and logical power. It is easy to get lost in the various formulas and different methods of applications of the same. We also found that a student who could solve a particular question quickly couldn’t solve similar ones after losing touch with the concept for a long time. We believe that continuous and regular practice of the concept is a definite way to get strong in the subject.


In the hectic academic world, it can sometimes become troublesome to find that extra help – tutoring. Good guidance goes a long way, whether it be extra work for the future or wanting to catch up with confusing concepts. It is why, especially after the rise of COVID-19, online tutoring and tutors have become a great resource. Finding online math tutoring can help you get the right help and direction.

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