Amino acids are a critical part of proteins responsible for functioning of neurotransmitters, melanin, hormones and nucleic acids. These amino acids take part in various mechanisms of the body like energy production, transamination etc… There are 20 amino acids required for functioning of the overall body, out of which there are 9 essential and 11 non-essential amino acids which the body can make up on its own. To meet these essential amino acids one needs to have balanced nutrition to overcome its deficiency or else can supplement themselves. Deficiency of any single amino acid can lead to disorders such as Inborn errors, metabolic defects.

While coming to meet daily requirements of various essential amino acids, the first thing which comes to mind is Whey Protein. Whey protein is termed as a “complete protein” which ensures muscle building and creating new immune cells. Whey is low in lactose content due to filtration process and has therapeutic properties like lowering cholesterol. Before buying a whey supplement, check for the nutritional composition, microfiltration process, and authenticity to get the best whey protein in India!

 The 5 signs why human body needs whey for proper functioning are listed –

Ø  Swelling: Oedema in the lower abdomen, legs, feet or hand indicates a prevalent sign for the body where it lacks protein because these proteins are responsible for keeping the internal fluid within the blood vessels. But in the swelling phase, the fluid stays in the tissues itself causing disturbances in the ECF and ICF.

Ø  Mood swings: Our human brains are hugely dependent on certain chemicals called neurotransmitters for information between the cells. For example, Serotonin is a precursor of amino acid tryptophan which is available in many dietary protein sources. Deficiency of protein can lead to elevated levels of Serotonin which in turn brings about drastic mood changes in people.

Ø  Low immune system: Proteins are responsible to make antibodies and other chemicals responsible to regulate the immune response. During phases like fever or any other metabolic condition, protein requirements jump invasively depending person to person. Many other nutrients/minerals might also be responsible like Vitamin D and Zinc.

Ø  Appetite expansion/Increased calorie intake: Protein is the only macro nutrient which helps to meet satiety for a longer time. Protein does fuel our body and hence people facing food cravings indicates the person is definitely deficient in protein. Check for your B6 and B12 levels to come to a conclusion for the same!

Ø  Frequent injuries: Protein does help in healing. Studies convey that if the human body takes longer time to heal from injuries like bleeding, cuts or sprain, it can be due to lack of protein.

Ø  Muscle wasting: A drop in muscle mass is the primary indication towards muscle depletion. If the body is not able to meet its daily protein requirements, muscle loss is observed which can lead to malnutrition. This is commonly seen in people who are into weight loss journey, heavy intense workouts. Studies suggest whey protein supplementation would play a vital role in recovery during this phase.

Benefits of Whey Protein –

As we know, proteins are made up from amino acids [building blocks], our body requires specific essential amino acids for daily functioning. Whey Protein consists of 9 EAA and are also rich in BCAA too.

Here we go in detail with the list of benefits whey provides:

1.     Helps in bulking- As we humans keep on aging, there is a huge depletion of muscle mass observed which in turn also declines strength, posture and immune system. Research studies convey that whey protein helps in increasing muscle mass by releasing anabolic hormone called insulin and leucine.

2.Control hunger pangs- Protein is the only macronutrient which doesn’t not let the insulin levels spike. Adding to this, if a person has 1/4th of daily requirement through protein they are less likely to get hungry. Consuming whey protein supplementation along with proper workouts will aid in achieving lean muscle mass and boosts metabolism at the same time

3.Easy absorption- Whey protein is considered as a high quality high biological value protein. Due to the microfiltration process being done by manufacturers it is very easy to absorb.

4.Toning- Studies approve that having whey protein does help in accelerating metabolism and toning of muscles.

Types of whey protein available in the market –

There are three types of whey protein supplementation currently running in the market:

· Whey Concentrate – This protein is termed as the best whey protein powder compared to other proteins on demand due to low in lactose and carbohydrates, sugar and other impurities as well. Concentrate whey protein price is comparatively high due to its intense microfiltration process and high quality protein by 90%

· Whey Isolate – Isolate is ultra-filtered which provides 90% pure protein. It can be used for healing properties and people who want to gain weight.

·Whey hydrolysate – It is a pre-digested form of whey since it has already undergone partial hydrolysis. This protein does not require much digestion.

Whey protein powder can be used as a meal supplement on a daily basis as per requirements. Gym goers, athletes, people who are protein deficient can opt for the best whey protein powder available in the market. Fast&Up provides quality nutrition with varieties of protein ranges available with them like Vegan Plant Protein, Whey and more….